Mexico 7 Chapters Joint Conference near CU, Mexico (4/18-21/2019)

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Written by S. Raúl Muñoz (Mexico City UBF)

John 21:17, "The third time he said to him, Simon son of John, do you love me?"

Jesus said, Feed my sheep.

We were preparing the Easter conference when on television was announced that the Popocatepetl volcano was active, and it was taking steam and ash. Therefore, we pray that everything was peaceful. Because the place of the conference was 1 hour away from the volcano. Many students were undecided to attend, but at the end they confirmed their attendance. The title of the conference was: "Do you love me? Feed my sheep”. And we made it at the Santa Maria Country Club. They were 249 guests including: 27 from Acatlán, 6 from Cuautitlan, 3 from Queretaro, 12 from IPN, and 3 from USA.

In this conference all the new sheep repented by writing sincere testimony confessing their sins. Among them 18 people shared their testimonies with the whole congregation with tears. This was for two reasons. The first is that each message was very heartmoving. M. José Ahn said in his closing message: "The messengers are very precious, more than the president of Mexico." And the second is the hard work for preparation during the whole year. Every week the leaders formed 8 groups of bible study in the fields of the UNAM in different faculties and hours from Monday to Saturday. From this groups, the students were invited, they had already tasted the word of God. And every Friday the students were also invited to the Bible café.  Thus, the sheep were prepared by 1 to 1 bible study, and participated in the conference. Almost all of our Mexican leaders prepared many beautiful activities such as theater, dance, orchestra, tetradrama and symposium.

As a trainer of the 9 messengers, I struggled to meditate the word of God, prepared the messages and rehearsed with each messenger although I had a lot of heavy work as a lawyer. God helped me by giving me the word and wisdom. My heart felt that God was going to work greatly in this conference, using every message.

Especially, Shp. Carlos who even was working in the hospital as a doctor, came to prepare the message, although he was very tired and almost fell asleep from fatigue.

The life of the sheep was destroyed by growing up in broken families, and they suffered for their sins wandering like blind, lepers and paralyzed, they were like the demon-possessed man but Jesus gave them a new happy life.

Through the pilgrim's progress symposium we learned how Christian after many trials, arrived in the celestial city. Thus, our final goal is to enter our home: The Kingdom of God.

M. Joseph Ahn with his message filled us with the vision to evangelize the whole earth and invited us to go to the mission fields with the words "Here I am, send me!”.  We pray that God will use us to pioneer Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti and Costa Rica. We especially appreciate the visit of M. Joseph Ahn, M. Maria Ahn and her granddaughter Anna María Ahn.

Praise to Jesus who gives us true rest through feeding his sheep.