2019 Oceania Missionary/Shepherd Conference Report

by WMD   01-11-2019   0 reads

The 2019 Oceania Missionary/Shepherd Conference was held on December 31, 2018 – January 2, 2019 in Brisbane in Australia. This conference was hosted by M. Michael Ho and M. Carol Ho in Brisbane chapter. We had 34 attendees. The title of the conference was “Be shepherds of God’s flock.”

M. Joshua Lee delivered the ‘Opening message’ titled, “The Lord is my Shepherd” (Ps 23:1-6). We learned that we lack nothing, because God’s goodness and love is following us all the days of our life. Pastor Kevin Albright delivered ‘Lecture 1’ titled, “As sheep having no shepherd” (Mt 9:35-38). Out of his compassionate heart Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching, preaching and healing. We were greatly encouraged to go out and serve the students out of shepherd’s heart.

M. Joseph Sim presented “Oceania UBF 30 years review.” Oceania UBF has been 30 years in pioneering and developing, 6 chapters in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. God has used the remnant missionaries and blessed Oceania UBF ministries with establishing 14 missionary families, raising faithful second gens and making a few disciples of Jesus. Through the history review we have seen God’s vision of expending the kingdom of God in Oceania and raising the disciples of Jesus through us.

M. Moses Yoon gave us the New Year’s message titled, “That all of them may be one.” Jesus' heart's desire for us is that we may be one, just as the Father is in Jesus and Jesus is in him. Complete unity is our most powerful message to the world. People may come, join us when we Oceania UBF community are full of love. Lecture 2 titled, “Be shepherds of God’s flock” (1 Pe 5:1-11) was delivered by M. Jacob Kim. The main point of the lecture was what kind of leader God want us to be. God will use us and bless us when we become shepherds who take care of his flock willingly and humbly.

M. Isaac Choi from Chicago gave two special lectures titled, “The godly family in the world mission” and “Children ministry.” He has been dedicated to the CBF ministry in Chicago for the last 40 years. Out of his knowledge and experiences M. Isaac Choi taught us a critical importance in children ministry. Shep. Joseph Ahn, who has been a short term missionary in Sydney, gave a seminar titled, “House church ministry.” We learned that man is quite different to woman; man from Mars and woman from Venus. A unity between husband and wife is the most important base in the family and the community.

Thank God for blessing the 2019 Oceania Missionary/Shepherd Conference with graceful words of God and God’s vision for Oceania.

We continually pray for Oceania UBF ministries with such prayer points:

1. To build up the church, 7 chapters of Oceania UBF, in love and unity

2. To raise disciples of Jesus in each chapter

3. For 2019 new year’s direction – being shepherds of God’s flock

4. To make second generations a successor to the next generation

In Christ

Missionary Mark Lee