Pastor Abraham Kim's Farewell Address (Video)

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August 12 (Sun), 2018

Farewell Address of P. Abraham Kim

Thank God who has been with us for the past four days to renew his kingdom vision in each of us.  Let’s remember that only his kingdom and what we did for our wonderful King Jesus will last forever. I’d like to thank to our honored guests and all of you who have come, especially the delegates from Korea and overseas.

Praise God who has worked through UBF for the past 57 years for bringing his kingdom to young people in the campuses of the world. God has blessed the sacrificial devotion of our missionaries and shepherds and raised beautiful inter-cultural and inter-generational churches in 97 countries. During the preparation of this international Bible conference, I was deeply moved by many new generation leaders who gave their hearts, time, and prayers. Let’s give a big hand of appreciation to all who labored hard for this conference.

By God’s grace, I could serve the UBF community as General Director for the past 7 years. I am indebted to all of you for your prayers and love. As the first General Director after our Founders and Pioneers, I worked with a vision that UBF will continue to grow to be a mature and fruitful church in God’s sight. I thank all senior leaders who worked with me for missionary support, education and discipleship programs for our leaders, including emerging leaders.

As God did great works through our first generation, may God empower the next generation of UBF to continue to serve God’s heart and vision for world campus mission. I thank God for raising Pastor Moses Yoon, a man of God, as the next General Director. I believe that God will lead UBF for his purpose and glory through his leadership. Let’s welcome our next General Director with a big applause.

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