"My Lord, My God" - Odessa Bible Conference May 25-28, UKRAINE

by WMD   07-20-2018   0 reads

by Amb Pablo Oh (Anam, Korea) 

God has blessed Odessa UBF (M. John and Grace Lee) in discipleship ministry through deep Bible studies for almost 3 decades. Here are some pictures of the last Bible Conference on May 25-28.

The title was "My Lord, My God" given by Augustin Z. during lecture 2 (John 20:28). God used 8 speakers for around 110 attendees including Mgimo coworkers. 

The Lectures were:
Opening "You will never thirst again" by Kata C.
Lecture 1 "It is finished" by Artum 
Lecture 3 "The heavenly throne" by Moses J. 
Lecture 4 "Do you want to be healed" by Matt G. 
Lecture 5 "You are the Christ" by Abraham V. 
Lecture 6 Sunday message was delivered by visiting speaker, Amb. Pablo Oh (AnAm, Korea) on John 21