God Answers Prayer in Moscow to use Bible Center as Church, RUSSIA

by WMD   05-18-2018   0 reads

Hannah So 

Hello, my name is Hannah So from Moscow, Russia. God blessed my daughter, Grace So, to graduate
from North Park College with honor. I am grateful for all the NP coworkers who prayed for her
throughout the last 4 years. I thank you for your prayers for Russia chapters. For three years we cried out to God to
solve our Bible house problem. After many court trials God won the victory. By God’s mercy and your
prayer support, the government granted us the permission to use the Bible center as a church. The
director of Moscow UBF is Shepherd Alexsey and Olga. These days we are studying Luke’s gospel. Please
pray for the four messengers to deliver life giving messages. There are seven fellowships in Moscow.
Please pray for the growing second gens in Moscow to have personal faith in Jesus and to grow as
campus shepherds. Thank you and God bless you.