Maria Peace Requested Prayer Supports, PODIL UBF, UKRAINE

by WMD   02-17-2018   0 reads

Maria Peace

Please pray for me. I have been having sharp pain in my Achilles tendon. I had an MRI done and it showed tendinitis degenerative damage. I was having 8-10 Bible study a week and now it went down to 2-3 because of my foot. I had to stay home. My doctor suggested cell therapy where they take my blood and inject it back to rebuild my damage cells. It's quite expensive and we will begin treatment this Tuesday. Please pray for it to work so that I can again come to the Bible house as before. If it doesn't work I might need surgery.

We are praying for Spring Conference on April 20-22. We pray for students to be the messengers. We are praying for 25 attendance.