Oceania Summer Bible Conference 2017

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Missionary Mark Lee

The 2017 Oceania Summer Bible Conference was held on December 8-10, 2017, in Marysville, Melbourne in Australia. The total number of attendees was 80 including 4 from Chicago, 3 from Korea and 2 from New Zealand. 

<Pastor Kevin & Maria Albright from Chicago UBF attended OSBC> 

The title of the conference was “The power of love and unity” based on the book of Ephesians. Introduction to Ephesians was served by Pastor Kevin Albright. Lecture 1 titled “Saved by grace,” based on Eph 2:1-10, was delivered by M. Moses Kang. Lecture 2 titled “Walk according to your calling” based on Eph 4:1-13was delivered by Shep. Paul Lee. Lecture 3, “Put on the full armor of God” based on Eph 6:10-20 was delivered by M. Michael Ho. The closing message, “You will receive power to be my witnesses” based on Acts 1:1-14, was served by Pastor Abraham Kim. 

<Pastor Abraham Kim's Closing Message> 

Throughout the Bible studies, the introduction and the lectures in Ephesians we have learned that God wanted us to remember his grace of salvation, walk according to his calling, and win the spiritual battle in his mighty power. Through the closing message, we were greatly encouraged to pray for receiving the power from the Holy Spirit and to preach the gospel for the kingdom of God in the coming year 2018. 

This conference was focused on young leaders, second gens, and Bible students. They were involved in group Bible study leading, sharing testimonies, presiding, and leading sing-along. 6 speakers for testimonies were raised among second gens and Bible students in the program. Also the two electives, “Preaching and sharing the gospel” and “Trinity and Christian community” were run by young leaders for the first time in Oceania SBC. 

The special feature of the conference was seen by an active participation among young leaders and second gens. 5 out of 8 conference committee members were from second gens and young leaders and they had prepared the conference actively and run the conference program faithfully. The conference was successfully run through the beautiful cooperation and unity between missionaries and young leaders.

Thank God for blessing 2017 Oceania SBC with the powerful words of God in Ephesians and the beautiful coworking in second gens and young leaders. 

We continually pray for Oceania UBF ministries with such prayer points:

1. To build up the church, 8 chapters of Oceania UBF, in love and unity
2. To raise disciples of Jesus in each chapter
3. For 2018 new year’s direction – being Jesus’ witnesses by the power of the Holy Spirit
4. For Missionary Carol Ho in Brisbane to get research funding/grant in Australia to continue her job in Queensland University of Technology.