CME Report - Cape Town UBF

by WMD   11-08-2017   0 reads

Cape Town is famous because the city is located at the southernmost part of the African continent. Ships that travel from Europe to Asia have always stopped at the port of Cape Town for refueling from early centuries. It is also a very beautiful tourist city with a population of about 5 million, a good climate and a table mountain which is known as one of the world's seven wonders of nature selected by UNESCO. The city has held numberless prestigious international conferences. The University of Cape Town Hospital conducted the world’s first heart transplant.

Missionary Dr. John Jun led a study of Ephesians 1 and 2 with missionaries on Tuesday and Galatians 5 on Friday. Dr. John Jun studied in English with Shepherd Andries and five native student leaders. On Saturday, they had testimony sharing meeting. Shepherd Andries wrote a deep testimony based on lecture 1 and he repented that he stopped attending early morning prayer meeting and decided to resume it. Missionary Annie said that they had frequent arguments on the direction of the ministry. Shepherd Andries repented and decided to love his wife as Christ loves his church.  

Prayer Topics:

1) To establish a shepherd family
2) For the families to cowork well together and love one another
3) For the 2018 International Summer Bible Conference in the United States and for Dr. Abraham Kim and coworkers