CME Report of Johannesburg UBF

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10/10 2017
By Dr. John Jun 

       My wife, Missionary Sarah S. Jun, and I arrived in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa on Oct 4, 2017. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world with a population of 56 million. The major industries of the country are exporting underground natural resources such as gold, diamond, and uranium and also tourism. 60% of the gold and 20% of all diamonds in the world are produced in South Africa. Regarding race, about 80% are black and 7.9% white. In regard to religion, 79% are Christian and 1.5% Muslim.

      In Johannesburg, there is one UBF chapter at Wits University, and Missionaries Jacob (director) and Rebekah Kim, and Missionary Daniel and Miso Rhee, and Missionary Joan Kim are co-working. Missionary Daniel and Miso Rhee were sent here from Korea as silver missionaries, and they go fishing at Wits University campus every day and have one-to-one Bible studies.

      Their life of mission is very impressive and heart-moving. Missionary Joan Kim has to take care of two little children and is suffering from hyperthyroidism, yet she goes to campus daily and is taking care of several sheep. Their lives of mission are indeed very beautiful. God blessed their beautiful co-working and has doubled the ministry; around 40 people attend Sunday worship service after just 10 years of pioneering. Wits University is known as one of the best universities in South Africa. We heard that the late President Mandela graduated from this university.

After our CME team arrived here, we had Ephesians Bible study with our missionaries on the 6th and I served the Sunday message. We will be studying another lesson of Ephesians jointly at Pretoria.

Prayer Topics

1) To pray for messengers, Sh. Lesidi, Sh. Desond and Missionary Jacob Kim;

2) To pray for one-on-one ministry and 50 Sunday worship service attendants;

3) Missionary Matthew Kim (Joan Kim’s husband) to receive permanent residency;

4) A native leader to be raised as director.