Inductive Bible Study Workshops in the CIS UBF

by WMD   05-18-2017   0 reads

    Inductive Bible study workshops were held in Moscow (May 5-7), Kiev (May 9-10), and Astana (May 12-14) under the guidance of Dr. Mark Yang and P. Ron Ward of the UBF Education Committee. The focus of the workshops was how to study the Bible in a way that honors God’s word and allows it to speak as it is through Sunday messages, conference messages, group Bible studies and one-to-one Bible study. Though the inductive method was carefully presented, the real goal of the workshops was to inspire reverence for God’s word, love for God’s word and new commitments to faithfully serve God’s word according to 2 Timothy 2:15. The workshops were a combination of lectures and practice in small groups. Significant time was allotted for discussions, as well as question and answer sessions. Both missionaries and national leaders attended each workshop and studied willingly and joyfully together—about 50 in Moscow (which included members from MSTU, MGIMO, MISS), 45 in Kiev (which included members from Podil and Dnepropetrovsk) and 25 in Astana (which included members from Almaty). God’s blessing was evident in each workshop through the tangible work of the Holy Spirit in specific people. We are grateful for the warm hospitality offered in each workshop, especially by the families of Alexey Belykh, David Park, Abraham Song (Moscow), Dr. Peter Kim (Kiev), David Byun, Francis Yoon (Astana). We thank God for the faithful and earnest prayer support of all members in the Chicago UBF chapter.

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