St. Petersburg, Minsk, RUDN, Perm, St. Petersburg Art UBF Held SBC

by WMD   09-01-2015   0 reads

"Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness" (Matthew 6:33)

Thank and praise the Almighty God, the Creator of the world, for sending his only Son, Jesus, to cleanse us from all our transgressions, iniquities and despair. Minsk, Moscow, RUDN, Perm, St. Petersburg Art Center and our St. Petersburg UBF held the 2015 Summer Bible Conference  with 52 attendees during August 21 through 23. 

Firstly, Sh. Sergey testified how grand God's hope is based on Genesis 12. M. Andrew Choi from RUDN center, Moscow, also passionately delivered a message of why Jesus came down to this world, which was to proclaim  good news to the poor, recovery of sight for the blind and freedom for the prisoners with his whole body and spirit by the grace of Jesus. M. Paul Oh from Minsk graciously delivered the message of "Seek First his kingdom and his righteousness" based on Matthew 6:33 with fatherly heart. M. Andrew from Perm gave us words about a kingdom of priests and a holy nation in Exodus 19. Besides the messages above, we had a time of listening to life testimonies from some representitives. There were also various programs with beautiful special songs, trio, dancing and solo etc., all of which made our hearts full of great delight. For this conference, especially all 2nd gens made the most of their ability and served this conference with sincere ownership. 

Personally, I have learned that God's will is to seek first his kingdon and his righteousness even in this time of economic, political and spiritual recession in Russia. 

I pray that the Lord may continually bless Russia, St. Petersburg and Belarus to be full of God's grace and bear much good fruit.

M. Caleb & Sarah Han, St. Petersburg, Russia