The CIS Int’l SBC 2014 Began on Thursday, Aug, 21
CIS UBF August 22, 2014

Update of little Daniel Kim, Campinas UBF Brazil

Campinas UBF, Brazil August 22, 2014


The First Day of European Int’l SBC 2014 Photo Hightlight

Europe UBF Aug 22, 2014


CIS International SBC Program & Prayer Topics

CIS UBF JULY 30, 2014 The 2014CIS International Summer Bible Conference in Moscow is coming soon around the corner. Local native leaders divided in working groups are working hard to prepare the conference. Although they are full of enthusiasm to serve the conference and make it perfect, they still need our much prayer support since they lack experience. Please especially pray for: 1. Main messengers to complete their messages by the end of July, 2. Life testimony speakers to finish their first draft (including their testimony of shepherd life) by July 20,


Luke's Gospel E-Book is Available!

UBF Press August 21, 2014 Luke's Gospel E-Book is available at Amazon Kindle Store. Click here to view Luke's Gospel E-book. ENDORSEMENTS written by P. Ron Ward


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