Jongro 2 UBF SBC Report, Korea
Jongro 2 UBF, Korea July 14, 2014 On July 10-13, 2014, Chongro2 UBF held its summer Bible conference at Green Camp Youth Hostel at Gapyoung, Korea. The conference theme was “Jesus, the True Comforter". The total number of attendees was 128 including 28 newcomers. We thank God for sending 28 newcomers whose hearts were open to the word of God and for enabling us to have a graceful and beautiful conference.

Jongro1 & Wharang UBF Had a Joint Summer Conference, Korea

Jongro1 & Wharang UBF, Korea July 21, 2014


2014 2nd Gen Education Camp, Korea

Korea UBF July 14, 2014


Korea UBF held JBF Teachers Meeting

Korea UBF July 11, 2014 On July 5, 2014 Korea JBF held its teachers’ meeting for preparing its national summer conference at Yonhee world mission center in Seoul, Korea. The total number of attendees was 33: (Yonhee18), Kyoungsung(5), (Gwangjoo3), (Chunan2), (Gwanak1), (Sungdong1), (Wonchun1), (Baebong1), and (Kyoungheemoon1). Sh. David Kim (Korea UBF director) and Sarah Kim came to visit and encouraged all the attendees.


A Short Visit Report of Indianapolis/Colorado Springs UBF by Moses Yoon, Korea

Korea UBF June 16, 2014 I thank God for the opportunity to attend Jeremiah & Yaejin's wedding at U of I and to visit Indianapolis/Colorado Springs UBF from June 6 to June 12.


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