Uganda Makerere UBF Mission Report and Prayer Topics

Uganda Makerere UBF Annual Report, 2011

Dr. Luke Lim

“During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him,
"Come over to Macedonia and help us." (Acts 16:9)

Part 1: Annual Review of 2011


This year, we held Acts 16:9 as our new year key verse and prayed for having world mission vision and pioneering Rwanda. We prayed for pioneering more campuses in Kampala as well as for each fellowship to pioneer different campuses with the vision of Macedonia. God answered our prayers and msn. Moses was dispatched to Rwanda as a missionary in February. God also raised 12 apostles as young student leaders. Though they were still young, they participated in the ministry actively and grew in Jesus Christ. The young leaders’ group gradually took over the tasks of senior leaders because they were busy with their work and could not participate in the ministry actively.

Part 2: World Mission Ministry

After exploring Rwanda in Nov., 2010, Shepherd Moses accepted God’s calling as a missionary to Rwanda. He heard the voice of Rwandese, “Come over to Rwanda and help us.” He began to prepare his missionary life. On Feb. 13, 2011 he was anointed as a missionary to Rwanda and dispatched. Prior to his departure, Makerere UBF house churches pledged to support him until he got a stable job in Rwanda. Shepherd Patrick regularly visited Rwanda to encourage him. When he arrived in the mission field, Msn. Moses had to overcome loneliness and the language barrier as he adapted to a new life in Rwanda.  He diligently prepared and delivered Sunday messages, though, many times he was alone during Sunday worship services. He took the roles as a presider, prayer servant, and messenger. Regardless of such difficulties, he never gave himself to Satan and struggled to overcome all challenges with God’s word. He faithfully invited students of SFB (School of Finance and Bank) in Kigali. Now he has five Bible students and is helping them through one to one Bible study. Regarding work, Msn. Moses began an internet shopping mall business.


Shepherd John Bosco, brother James, Herbert, and Augustine who all graduated from Makerere University are now working or looking for jobs in Rwanda. I pray that they may all co-work together to pioneer Rwandan campus. This November, Shepherd Patrick and I visited Rwanda to encourage Msn. Moses and to see Butare University, the biggest university in Rwanda. As we were visiting, we planted a seed of prayer in Butare University. May God open the way to pioneer Butare University next year.

In September Msn. Abraham came back from Seattle, USA after one year of short term missionary life. He was able to go because he had received a sponsorship from the University of Washington State for his oncology fellowship to study for one year. During his stay, he co-worked with Msn. Philip Won to pioneer Washington State University. Msn. Allan was able to travel to Sweden after receiving a scholarship from Upsala University in Sweden for his Ph.D course. Since then he has visited Sweden once or twice a year for his Ph.D course. When Msn. Allan went again this year, he co-worked with Msn. John Joo. Shepherd Ambrose was sent to Korea for a training course at an alternative technology center in September. By praying for many short term missionaries, brothers and sisters could enlarge their hearts and have world mission vision.

Part 3: Campus Discipleship Ministry


God raised 12 apostles this year in February. The apostles included were Paul Kato, Michael, Collins, Daniel, Deo Gracious, Thomas, Fred, Zaccheus, Patience, Nakato, Fiona, and Joyce. These newly appointed apostles were mostly young students who have been studying God’s word faithfully for two to three years and attending fellowship meetings and Sunday worship service regularly. By being made an apostle, they were given more responsibility such as presiding SWS and leading worship and praise so that they could learn how to serve and have a sense of ownership in campus discipleship ministry. Some of the apostles have already begun helping sheep with one to one Bible study. The apostles have shown great character and became the main actors of our ministry. May God help them to grow as shepherds in the coming year. Shepherd Steven and shepherdess Margaret have faithfully served the brother and sister apostles respectively. I thank God for their sacrificial devotion to these young leaders’ spiritual growth and pray God may continue to use this house church to raise many disciples of Jesus Christ next year.

Part 4: House Church Ministry

Through the preparation of two house church establishments, a hidden problem of our leaders was disclosed. We were all surprised when one shepherd and one shepherdess announced their marriage plans. They wanted to get married to people who were not known to our ministry members. It was shocking news to all of our leaders. We have prayed for establishing exemplary house churches for many years. But to our disappointment they did not consider their marriage candidate qualification based on God’s truth. One shepherdess chose her spouse by his human background and her emotional feeling. Msn. Joseph Chung helped one shepherd with pre-marital Bible study every week. He had a traditional wedding in May this year and planned to wed this early December. However, God intervened and he began to think of his spouse more seriously and postponed his marriage. Through this event I realized the necessity to pray for our leaders to have a Biblical concept of marriage. The forming of a house church is the backbone of our ministry. Yet many young brothers and sisters are so interested in a non-Biblical relationship and are pressured to have such relationships while they are on campus. I realized that we should help brethren have a Biblical concept of marriage from the beginning rather than later when they are about to get married. As a result, our missionaries and five house church leaders began to pray more seriously about establishing house churches. May God raise many exemplary house churches in the new year.

§  Thanksgiving Topics for 2011

1. Thank God for sending Msn. Moses to Rwanda

2. Thank God for raising 12 apostles as young leaders

3. Thank God for Acts Bible study that we could learn the work of the Holy Spirit

4. Thank God for revealing the hidden problem of leaders concerning marriage so that we could pray for establishing house churches more seriously and help young brethren to have a Biblical concept of marriage

§  Prayer topics

Judges 7:7: The LORD said to Gideon, "With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the other men go, each to his own place."

1. Pray for each fellowship and fellowship leaders’ leadership to be strong

2. Pray for apostles to grow as shepherds

3. Pray for Gospel of John Bible study: experience the power of the gospel

4. Pray for establishing exemplary house churches

5. Pray for completion of Bethesda Health Diagnostic Center construction work and more mission co-workers