ME Christmas Worship Service

Merry Christmas to all nations!

On December 22nd through the prayers of our fellow co workers God blessed us with a very graceful Christmas Worship Service through the work of the Holy Spirit. Before the Christmas Service due to Satan’s hindrance we were not sure whether we could have a Christmas Worship Service or not. However, God brought great victory by using us who were like a handful of mount goats.

We prayed for 30 attendance, yet 26 people attended. Five persons who had been faithfully attending the Sunday worship service were unable to attend because of job training and their company relocated. The most unusual thing was that 13 more people attended and received the Word of God with tears. One of them confessed that her tears were tears of joy. This was the great work of the Holy Spirit.

Through the reading of the Christmas poem the Spirit of God worked mightily and all the attendants received much grace. Sister H served the praise with all her heart even while she was sick. Also, thanks to J, despite all the difficulties attended the service with three students. They all opened their hearts and accepted the word of God. She has a gift for singspiration and it was more than enough to open the hearts of the attendants. We are grateful for the grace of God who has pity on us. We also appreciate the grace of our co-workers and their prayers.

Please pray for J. She has not been able to go to work for 2 weeks. We are doing our own audit, and we are not released from the suspension because of our Christian faith.



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