Winnipeg UBF Mission 2015 by M. Paul Kim

Seek God’s Kingdom First

Matt. 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

1 Cor. 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

  • 2015 In Review

Thank God for blessing my family and Winnipeg ministry through His abundant words given to us through Acts, Romans, USA Midwest regional conference messages and the Christmas message throughout last year!

We learned about the pioneering faith and spirit of the Apostle Paul through the study of the book of Acts. Through this, God strengthened our faith in the Winnipeg UM pioneering ministry. We also learned about gospel faith and true worship from the study of the book of Romans. God encouraged us to live by faith, to be made righteous and to truly worship him with our lives by being living sacrifices in our daily and practical lives for his glory. We sent Daniel, our first son, as our representative to attend the Canadian Bible conference. He confessed that the conference messages and all programs were good for him. God guided my family to attend USA Midwest regional conference by his grace. Through the conference messages, Jesus commanded us to follow him from the beginning to the end of our lives in the 21st century as he did the Apostle Peter in his 1st century. We resolved to follow Jesus to the end of our lives according to his command, “Follow me!” 

God blessed our Christmas worship services. God sent his One and Only Son to be born in a manger and die as an atoning sacrifice on the cross to serve us and redeem us from our sin and death. Jesus obeyed God’s will to the end of his life to be the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world. God sent my family to Winnipeg, called “Winterpeg,” according to his good will. We were equipped with Jesus’ “manger spirit” through the Christmas messages. We resolved to serve Winnipeg ministry with Jesus’ manger spirit, which is his life-giving spirit. We made a decision to go back to study at the university of Manitoba, where Jesus’ sheep are wandering without their Good Shepherd Jesus. 

God sent John, Daniel’s friend, to our group Bible study during the Spring semester. He entered UM to study Respiratory Therapy. He has a loving heart toward my children and brought Christmas gifts to my family. We pray that God may guide him to join UM Bible Reading Club. God sent Mourine and Reem, Sarah’s friends, to our Christmas service. They confessed that our worship service was good and if there is a campus activity, they will join it. They are praying to enter UM to study health science. We pray that God may lead them to enter UM and join our UM Bible Reading Club. God may prepare students to register for our UM Bible Reading Club. 

Throughout the year, God enabled us to faithfully do our UM Bible Reading Club and prayer meeting at the university of Manitoba. We have been building our altar of prayer sincerely. God gave his compassionate shepherd’s heart to M. Paul to take care of several seniors at Parkview nursing home with God’s words and prayer through one-to-one and group Bible studies.

  • 2016 Prayer Topics

We pray that God may guide us to seek his kingdom and his righteousness first and do it all for the glory of God according to our key verses. We need God’s financial support for our study and living. We believe that when we seek God’s kingdom first for his glory, God will provide our necessities.

Our prayer topics as follows:

  • Genesis Bible study.
  • 10 1:1’s, 10 SWSA.
  • To be established as an independent chapter by God’s grace.
  • M. Paul & Sarah, Daniel to enter UM.
  • UM BRC club registration and weekly activity.
  • John, Reem, Mourine to join UM BRC.
  • Childrens’ ministry.

May God bless the World mission report in Korea and Canadian campus ministry in 2016!

One Word: Seek God’s kingdom first!



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