Teacher and Parent Education at Cleveland, OH

In November 9-10 we visited at Cleveland UBF and Akron UBF for the purpose of T&PE. We gave one lecture for parents in two chapter united meeting followed by questions and answers.

  1. Family discipleship (Dt 6:5-7)
  • The first & greatest commandment
  • Three theological foundations
  • The necessity of family discipleship
  • Family worship

Six years ago Pham D. Whitfield and M. Joann Cha (nurse) came to Cleveland to pioneer with their three children. Previously several missionaries came there before them, but they left. So it became a new church planting ministry in Cleveland. There are coworkers Mark (nurse) and Hannah Calalang. Also Dr. Luke (Cleveland hospital) and Mary Kim from New York joined together. Although there are many campuses around them, they are praying for Cleveland State and Kent State University. Adam, Melissa and Lorena are growing through one to one Bible study. They pray that their children may enter near-by colleges so that they may grow as good co-workers in campus pioneering. Also they pray for M. Justine Park for Ph. D study and new campus pioneering through their family. Cleveland UBF has 6 growing children: Joanna, Deborah and John Cha, Faith Gabriel Calalang, Luke and Matthew Kim. May God bless their campus pioneering as well as family discipleship ministry.

Cleveland UBF prayer topics:

1) Raise 12 disciples from Northeastern Ohio schools

2) A suitable Bible house near campus in CSU or KSU

3) Co-working spirit      

Isaac Choi

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