Remembering Dr. Victor

On August 4th, 12 UBF Chicago coworkers attended Dr. Victor Kulikauskas' homecoming service at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois.

Dr victor has joined in Korean war as a US Air Force. His house was near Chicago UBF. 20 years ago he was invited to Bible study and Sunday worship service. Since then he was faithful to the Lord as our father of prayer. He knew almost all UBF members one by one and loved us like his own children and grandchildren. He attended to our SWS at his last moment rolling his wheelchair. Pastor Ron prayed with John 11:26, we sang the Lord's prayer and many shared his good deeds. We believe he has good rest in the kingdom of God. Many will remember him as a good soldier of Jesus Christ as well as a brave US army, who would never fade away but live forever.

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