ME New Year Conference, 2016

2016 ME New Year Conference was held at Christian conference house in Cairo, Egypt on Dec. 18-20, 2015. A total of 43 people (including 12 second gens) from 6 countries (Lb, Ly, S, Q, U, E) attended the conference, including Dr. Abraham and Sarah Kim, P. Teddy and S. Ikem (who served 2nd gens) from USA and S. Isaac Choi from Korea.

First, through this conference we have glorified Jesus’ name. Through the words of God delivered by Dr. Abraham Kim (Heb 12), S. Isaac Choi (Heb 13), P. Teddy (1 Pe 2), S. Moody (Jn 14), S. Moses (Jn 15), S. Studd (Jn 16), S. Abraham (Jn 17), Jesus is revealed as the author and perfecter of our faith. God has renewed our faith and helped us to run the race at full speed.

Second, the Arab shepherds have served this conference wholeheartedly. This conference was served and arranged by S. Moody who is an Egyptian living in Q, and S. Khalil was great in translating the messages, and coworkers from Q and U cooperated well to serve this conference.

Prayer topics;

1. To offer to God a sacrifice of prayer as priests in the m. field.

2. To raise up 2nd gens as Isaac and Rebekah

3. To serve Arabic speaking sheep                     

4. To memorize Arabic B with 2nd gens


News topics: