Panama UBF Mission Report


Romans 1:1:   “Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God.”

  In this year we have begun to learn the Epistle to the Romans in the Sunday Worship Service, after 2 years of learning the Book of Genesis. Through Genesis we met the Creator God who made us with a purpose and who chose people like Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to fulfill His Redemptive Plan for all families of the Earth, including us; also to give us an example through their lives. 

  Now we want to deepen the truth of the Gospel through the Epistle to the Romans, so that we may get the passion of Paul to preach the gospel to the students in Panama. At the first lectures we have learned that Paul had a profound identity as a servant of Jesus and he felt in debt with all people because he was embraced by the love of God though he did not deserve of it. We received the same calling as Paul and we felt in debt with all Panamanian students who haven’t yet met Jesus as their Savior.

  From the middle of last year, only our family was attending the Sunday Worship Service(M. Josue, M. Maria and our two daughters), but in October, Gabriel from Caracas, M. Maria’s half-brother, came to Panama as short term missionary to support the ministry and to find a temporary job; and on Jan 1st Sharon from Caracas, a sister of M. Helen Gruett(Chicago) and M. Maria’s step-sister, came to Panama to support our family. Therefore this year we used to be 6 attendants at the Sunday Worship Service only in family members.

  In January, Audis (Civil Engineer) begin to attend the Sunday Worship Service faithfully with his oldest son Nehemias. He used to study the Bible with M. Juan Baek before he went to Venezuela. Audis loves God profoundly and also loves the Word of God; he is eager to learn the Bible and to apply it to his personal lives. Audis wants to grow as a shepherd for the Panamanians. 

  On March 5th, M. Juan Baek (Director) visited Panama and attended the Sunday Worship Service. On that very day Audis invited two persons, Kenyon and Rosa (Administration), as well. We had a great time together, learning the power of the gospel to change our lives, and after that we went out for lunch together to spend time with M. Juan Baek before he came back to Venezuela. 

  On March 12th, Gabriel invited Dario and Rosa (Accounting) to the Sunday Worship Service and Audis invited to Moises and to Kenyon again. We learned the sinfulness of the man and how we are guilty and inexcusable before God because of our sins, but God has loved us and sent Jesus for our salvation. Dario is very interested to learn the Bible. He will start to study the Bible with M. Josue this week.

  M. Maria is studying the Bible with Felicidad (Happiness in Spanish) and Yariela (Agronomy) and M. Josue will start this week with Audis and Dario. God is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations(Psalm. 100:5). He is giving us a fresh start after the last hardships we were enduring. May the Lord bless our ministry this year through the Epistle to Romans and all people continue to attend the Sunday Worship Service growing as Jesus’ disciples. Amen.

Prayer Topics:             

   •     Panama may become into a Kingdom of Priests and Holy Nation.

    •    M. Josue and M. Maria study the Bible with at least one student each week.

    •    Raise one Abraham and one Sarah of faith.

    •    M. Juan Baek be filled with God’s wisdom to lead the ministry.

    •    Baek’s family be healthy and safe in Venezuela.

    •    M. Josue preach powerful and heart-moving messages through the Epistle to Romans each Sunday.

    •    Gutierrez’s family find a new apartment to live and to serve the Sunday Worship Service(M. Josue Gutierrez: 

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