Ecuador UBF News


UBF Ecuador was pioneered in 2006  by M. Andrew and Hannah Kim with 3 children (Joowang 20, Ester 19 and Andre jr 16) from Brazil where they had been 10 years; while struggling a lot to have a self supporting lay missionary life with 3 second generation children, who learn new language again from Portuguese to Spanish, M. Andre and Hannah suffered very much. 

However, those hardships strengthened them to fix their eyes on Jesus and their children became coworkers in their ministry. M. Hannah could challenge the most difficult campus in Ecuador, the medical school only by faith. God blessed her "just believe" faith. Now Luisa L (Intern), Lisbeth C (5th Med), and her daughter Ester, who entered medical school this year and brings classmates, such as Antony and Gustavo. Thus Ecuador UBF now has many medical and nursing students (Pauleth L, freshman).  

Their prayer topics are:

1. One Abraham and 12 disciples, 

2. Luisa's House church,

3. M. Andre's message and self support. 

Attached are some pictures of Ecuador medical school and UBF center and SWS service on Sunday 1/31, with M. David Baik's message, "The parable of the kingdom of God,” based on Matthew 13: 44-46, and 51 attendees (23 Ecuador members); after lunch, P. Abraham Kim gave a lecture about "mobilizing lay people(Dr. Jose Paul Ahn).

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