2017 Historic Bolivian Spring Conference


By God's grace, we had our first spring-time conference, titled "Even Being Away" (Luke 15:20), which was held on September 23-25. In our conference, 61 brothers participated, among them 50 old brothers and 11 new sheep; the conference filled us with much grace. Most of all, what is surprising is that among the new sheep, there were two from Cochabamba (another state), who came to participate in our conference in Santa Cruz. Their special participation filled us with great grace, as we are praying for pioneering Cochabamba campus.

Preparing for our conference, we gathered to pray in the mornings and nights, calling the names of our sheep, also inviting through social networks. On the other hand, there was an intense movement of invitation by cell phones, or many had the Bible studies in the university, inviting sheep to refreshments, or others gathered on weekends to do the Bible study, sharing churrasco (grilled meat) with sheep, or others visited the sheep. Through Luke 15:20, we have learned God's long-suffering and unconditional love for us. We have remembered that God brings us the life and how our sins are forgiven by receiving us with much love. Truly the Word of God filled us with much grace and we finally  came back refreshed. We are grateful for your prayers, God is working greatly in Bolivia.

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