World Mission News: Korea

On May7th 2016 Korea UBF held its national world mission directors and managers meeting at Jongro UBF center.  At 11:30am we had a deep GBS “Who will go for us" based on Isaiah 6, in 5 groups. At 2:00 pm after having lunch fellowship Sh. Elijah Lee( Dongkyo UBF) gave us a graceful message based on the passage.

By April 28 the registration for the WMR Missionary conference reached 591 (131 from Korea and 460 missionaries). Praise God! Now is the time for those who registered to study the conference lectures beforehand. May God bless our self-supporting missionaries and sending chapter coworkers to be mutually strengthened and encouraged as mature spiritual leaders of this generation.

On Apr 11th-13th Korea UBF spring staff conference was held at LAVIE D'OR resort in the Kyoungi province of Korea. All 83 staff members attended. The purpose of gathering was for the continued preparation of the 2016 WMR and Missionary Conference in Korea.

 "I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead" (Ph3:10,11).

On April 4th the committee members held their third meeting at Jongo UBF Center in Seoul, Korea.

Attendees: Sh. David Kim (Korea UBF director), Moses Lee (Sungdong), Moses Kim (Anam), Moses Yoon (Gwanak 3) and its subcommittee members.   

Closing agenda:

Jongro, Gwanak and Wharang UBF joint conference

report by Joshua Kim

God blessed the wedding between Joonsoon Kim from Kwangju UBF and Sarah Brown from Washington DC UBF. Shep. Nehemiah Kim presided over the wedding and gave a wonderful message based on Genesis 15. He encouraged them to have many children by looking at the heavens and counting the stars. Pastor Mark Vucekovich took Sarah Brown  with the wedding march like her father. He attended the wedding to bless Sarah's life of faith.

Both surgeries went well but there is still a lot of blood in the right eye causing blurry vision. Pray for blood to be absorbed by the body and my vision in my right eye to be restored fully(I'm taking medication for this).  Also, the doctor said that the location of the repair is where eyeball curves causing tension on the work he did. Please pray that the repair job he did on my retina may hold up over the months and years to come. Thanks, M Don.

Be Examples to the Flocks 

Korea UBF held its JBF teachers’ meeting on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at Anam center. Twenty-eight JBF teachers gathered together from all of local chapters in Korea. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare and discuss detailed programs for the upcoming JBF summer conference.  

A new house church between Sh. Kim, Sang Hyun (Kwangju UBF) and Shs. Makhiryam Usenova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

  I have some unfortunate news. I recently had a hemorrhage in my right eye meaning a blood vessel broke and the blood is accumulated in my retina. This is causing me to have vision problems of blurriness and red streaks when I look with my right eye(My left eye is fine). I will visit a retina specialist on Tuesday. Please pray for the blood to drain naturally and my vision to clear up.