World Mission News: Korea

On July 8-11, Gwanak3 UBF held its SBC at UNESCO Peace Center at Kyoungki province in Korea. God blessed the SBC with 132 attendees (99 leaders and 33 new sheep). It was not easy for our coworkers to focus on the preparation of the SBC right after pouring out all their energies on serving WMR and Missionaries from overseas.


"Then Jesus asked him " What is your name?" (Mark5:9)

Hallelujah! We praise and thank God for richly blessing the JBF National SBC with the theme "Who Am I" on Aug 5-7 at the Youth Training Center in Jecheon, Korea. 

“While I am in the word I am the light of the world"(John 9:5)

On July 14-17, 2016 Jongro1 UBF had a graceful SBC at Kangchon Training centre in Chuncheon, South Korea. The theme of the SBC was "Jesus’ Unchanging Love". 

Messengers were Joseph Hong (Genesis 1), Mark Park (John 4), Sinhyuk Lee (Luke 19), Youseong Choi (Luke 23), Jinwha Sohn (Romans 8), and Sunhyoung Kim (John21).

Dear World Mission Prayer coworkers,

Thank you for your earnest prayers for M. Monica. She needs our continuous prayers!

On 8/2, Tuesday, at 7 p.m (Korean time), we visited her. At that time her head was very swollen, and she has to depend on the oxygen supplier for her breath. Her doctor says she seems to be more stable now and even without a blood transfusion, her blood circulates by itself. 

On July 7 -10, 2016 Jongro 2 UBF held a graceful summer conference at Chuyang House, which was the same place the guests of 2016 WMR had stayed after finishing the meetings. There were 125 attendees including 31 new student sheep.

On July 2 the JBF/ SBC preparing committee meeting was held at Jongro UBF center in Seoul Korea.

Press Release by Kukmin-Ilbo ( Korea Daily Newspaper) for 2016  WMR  in  Seoul Korea  Full of  g race  and  4,500  People

S. Maria Park finished 34 times of x ray treatment today (2016, June 17). The doctors said she may need to be careful for 5 years.

Thank God for the visiting of M. Grace with women of God and Dr. John Jun, and all your prayer

Prayer Topics

  • God may give her a good health to stand X-ray deep therapy.
  • Pioneering of Pyeongtaek University.

Moody Park

“You give them something to eat" (Luke 9:13)

On June 2, 2016, Dr. Isaac Suh, his wife Sh.Yoonjin and their children were sent to Cambodia from Kyoungsung UBF, Korea as a medical doctor of KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). 

His family has been serving Kyoungsung UBF ministry for 20 years. 

Prayer topics: