A new house church between Sang Hyun Kim & Makhiryam Usenova

A new house church between Sh. Kim, Sang Hyun (Kwangju UBF) and Shs. Makhiryam Usenova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

We praise the Lord God who established the house church of Sh. Kim Sang Hyun (Kwangju UBF) and Shs. Makhiryam Usenova (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Sh. Abraham Yugay (Almaty) has led the wedding ceremony based on the key verse 1Pet. 2:4-6. In order to share our joy and bless the new family, guests from many countries have come: Mark and Ruth Phang from Bishkek, and many more guests from Astana (Kazakhstan), Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Russia, Ukrain, Turkey, and Hanyang and Kwangju UBF, Korea. Sh. Sang Hyun and Shs. Makhiryam were very happy and the guests were joyful, signing and dancing. The next Tuesday we sent them to Korea.

Shs. Makhiryam was the faithful coworker in Almaty. She served as a member of the leadership group, the leader of the sister's common life and the Bible teacher for sisters; also she took care of children during the SWS.

Almaty brothers and sisters sent Sang Hyun and Makhiryam with tears to Korea where they will serve God and the Gospel. We thank everyone who supported this godly marriage with much prayers.

In Christ, 

John Mulyukov (Almaty)

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