Korea UBF Daily Bread Meeting

"I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions" (Exodus 16:4b)

    On Feb 25th 2017 Korea UBF held its daily bread directors and treasurers meeting at Jongro UBF Center. Eighty daily bread directors and treasurers gathered together from all the local chapters in Korea. The meeting started with a graceful group Bible study into eight groups based on Exodus 16:1-36 led by 8 staff shepherds. After lunch Shepherd Moses Noh delivered the main lecture, “I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions”. Through the lecture we deeply learned what God wants us to do is to obey his word.  Our first priority is to read the Bible, doing daily bread and to follow his word daily with all our hearts. 

    After the main lecture Ye-eun Kim of Wonju, Grace Kim of Gachun and Hyo-sang Lee from Yonhee chapter who studied daily bread for 365 days in 2016 shared their graceful testimonies.

    Ye-Eun Kim is a college freshmen and was born and raised in a UBF shepherd family did daily bread for 365 days in 2016. Through this her heart has been filled with victorious faith, overcoming all the difficulties of her studies,  inner fear and anxieties daily. By God's grace she entered Chuncheon National University of Education. She prays that God may continue to enable her to continually do daily bread each day and be victorious in her college years through the living word of God. 

    Through daily bread Sh. Grace Kim experienced victory in many ways as she struggled to serve campus fishing ministry whose campus was full of cults. While she also struggled to support her self, God provided her everything she needed as he provided the Israelites with Manna from heaven in the desert.  

    In the beginning of 2016 Sh. Hyosang Lee made a decision to eat daily bread for 365 days to depend on the word of God. "Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching" 1Timothy 4:13. God strengthened him to overcome all the difficulties at his job since he has been spending a lot of time writing daily bread everyday before he began his busy work.

    After testimony sharing there was an award ceremony for those who took daily bread for 365 days in 2016 from each UBF local chapter. 105 people were awarded from 33 UBF local chapters. Each of them received a certificate of award and a Bible. The words, UBF Daily Bread 365" was inscribed on the each of the covers of their Bibles as a recognition for their devotion to daily bread for 365 days. 

    We praise and thank God for growing number of those who eagerly desire spiritual milk to do daily bread every year. We pray that God may help UBF brothers and sisters to overcome all difficulties and bear abundant fruits\ spiritually and physically through loving the word of God through eating daily bread everyday in 2017.    

Moses Noh

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