2017 Jongro I UBF Summer Bible Camp Report

"God Is Good"

On July13-16, Jongro I UBF held its summer Bible Camp at Kangchon training center in Chuncheon, South Korea. Its special feature was that we had a Genesis Bible conference that we never had it before. In this we have studied book of Genesis from chapter 1 to 50 having 9 lectures and GBS. 

The theme of the conference was “God is Good". Through the studying the book of Genesis one thing we deeply learned about God was that "He is Good".

In his good will, he created the heavens and the earth and so he made the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as well. In his good will and his divine providence, sometimes he gives us trials and sufferings in our lives. But he clearly proved of his good will and his perfect love for mankind through sending his one and only Son Jesus Christ as the offspring of the woman in his promise (Gen3:15). When anyone who discovers of the meaning of their existence and their life purpose in the presence of the good God then they can be truly happy. 

We thank God that all attendees were deeply touched by the words of Genesis. During the conference we newly attempted to have special discussion sessions entitled "Genesis Talk" and "Movie Talk". Genesis Talk was an open discussion about God of Genesis at the meeting, and Movie Talk was also open discussion in groups after watching of a Biblical movie "A Hut". Through this we all could deeply meditate on God's goodness and his one-sided grace.

Through this we tried to approach the Gospel by a new way and it was fresh touch in our hearts as like new wine put it into new wineskins.

We praise and thank God for blessing 2017 Jongro I Genesis Bible conference richly, using our new programs as instruments of the Holy Spirit since we had been offering 1000 times of prayer to God for the conference. 

Caleb Kim

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