UBF Web Management Committee Report


Thank God that he helped us to develop and maintain our web presence. Last year we developed a few websites and maintained six domains and 12 subdomains. 

First, Development. 

Second, Maintenance. 

  • http://ubf.org.

    • handled server upgrade, Drupal core upgrade, various modules upgrade, and backup and restore process. 
    • Added a function to post news articles to the Facebook and Twitter accounts automatically. 
    • Imported the daily bread feed file.
    • Uploaded video files to vimeo.com account. 
    • Added Bible study materials.
    • Added/Updated chapters.
    • Added new pages, external links, and events.
  • https://ubf.org/donate
    • Updated modules.
    • Updated payment forms.​
  • http://followme2015.ubf.org/
    • Will be archived and moved to ubfconference.org in the near future.
  • http://ubfpress.org. 
    • Upgraded themes and plugins.
    • Renewed usps shipping plugins. 
  • Updated the Wikipedia page of UBF (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_Bible_Fellowship)
    • Wikipedia committee created an updated version, but we need more resources to improve our page. 
  • Maintenance
    • Fixed several computers.
    • Replaced and configured modem/routers of UBF-WMO and UBF-WEB.

Third, Prayer Topics.

  • Time and resources to develop new sites, specifically to support the upcoming 2018 International conference. God may help all UBF to begin planning this year. We may work well with Edward and his team.
  • Maintain all active and future sites well by providing technical support to web content team and the General Director.
  • God's wisdom and discernment to understand all users’ requests, process incoming advice, and communicate well with them, in our team, and our leaders.
  • Pray for volunteers to join the web content team to support the ongoing editing of the UBF Wikipedia article, as well as engaging all our social media needs (Facebook, Twitter).






News topics: