UBF Archive Committee Report

By Dr. Abraham Lee

A. 2015 Report

  • In May 2015, Pastor Abraham Lee visited Korea and met shepherd Caleb Kim (Jongro 1) and Dr. Nehemiah Kim (Kwangju 1+6) who are charge of the Archive Committee in Korea UBF. They discussed the archive ministry and sensed the necessity of establishing coworkers in each continent.
  • In November 2015, Pastor Abraham Lee visited Washington UBF and shared the future plan of Archive committee with missionary Elijah Park, a senior missionary in Washington UBF. He expressed interest in the archive ministry for North America.
  • In November 2015, Pastor Abraham Lee visited Chicago HQ, met with Dr. Charles Kim, who is in charge of history committee, and discussed future plans between the two committees and prayed together.
  • In May and November 2015, during the mission journeys in Korea as well as in the USA, some coworkers who are interested in UBF archive ministry, met together and prayed that God may bless their five loaves and two fish for the education of instilling a sense of God’s history in UBF.
  • In December 2015, Dr, Jonathan Kang who is a member of archive ministry, presented the archive ministry of Cologne UBF to the Cologne coworkers and shared the vision of establishing an archive ministry in each chapter of UBF. 
  • Video Interviews:

(1) Korea

Shepherd Joshua & Yeon-Ok Lee (Dae-Jun UBF)

    Dr. Paul B. & Helen Lee (Chongro 1 UBF)

(2) Uganda

Dr. Joseph  & Esther Chung

(3) USA

(a) Cornerstone UBF

Dr. Luke & Rebecca Lim

(b) Shippensburg UBF

Dr. Daniel & Deborah Lee

B. 2016 Plan

  • Collect various historical materials, especially of the founders, Dr. Samuel Lee and M. Sarah Barry.
  • Collect historical materials testimonies, documents, Photos, etc...through the history department, evaluate, digitize and preserve.
  • Conduct video interviews with historical persons, especially with the pioneers of each nation and chapter.
  • Establish coworkers in each continent or big nations and make vessel of prayer for the archive ministries.   
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