Norway UBF Mission Report 2016

Key verse: Acts 1:8 – “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

    In this year we have studied Mark’s gospel and Acts. I prayed that I would receive grace first when I prepared the messages to hear the word of God clearly. The preparation of the message is always hard, but I am grateful for the grace of God's Word. I heard that some missionaries prepared messages anytime and anywhere, so that they are always ready to preach the message a few weeks in advance. A Korean pastor said that he never prepared a single message for less than 30 hours. I repent for not spending enough time to prepare messages. I will love the Bible as God’s word and pray first to receive the deepest grace in the word of God. I pray to spend quality time in meditation of the Bible day by day. I am thankful that I could study the word in-group Bible study with Dr. James Seo every week last year. Since I am so weak and unfaithful my conscience was convicted through every Bible study. I am always thankful for the grace of God to renew his spirit.

    Missionary Maria began to work as a Korean language teacher in this year. Many Norwegian students are interested in the Korean language. I was a little concerned but she has been doing very well. We thank God that we are able to meet and interact with Norwegian students. We also invited people constantly and served them. I pray that our home will become a house church serving the word of God and love.

    My children have grown well with grace. God helped them to love God, to be healthy and intelligent. One time my children asked me a question, “If God is good and almighty why does he allow evil in the world?” I pray for them to meet God on a personal level. I felt that I did not know how to help my children spiritually. I thought that there were many limitations because of our lack of wisdom and spirituality. “What could I do as the only house church?” We also tried attending a local church. But the best thing is that we live according to God's Word and that it is best for them when they see and grow in a house church where we have served people with God’s word and love.

    My health has improved very much. Sometime, while I was working I was afraid that I would collapse again. Thank of God by his grace I didn’t collapse. Recently, at my last check up with the neurologist the size of my hemangioma has not grown and now is very stable. The last time there was bleeding was been over three years ago, and I have not had any major symptoms. I will remember the grace of the new life that God has given me every day, and I'll live with thanksgiving to God everyday.

    At my job I have witnessed many sicknesses and deaths. Without the hope of the kingdom of God our lives are empty and dark. Although Norwegian people outwardly look good and strong, are intelligent and provides benefits from cradle to grave, but if they do not know God, their lives are empty, full of fear, and dark. I pray that God use our house church as source of blessing to proclaim the good news of Jesus as our Savior, so that God will be glorified through our house church. Amen. 

Prayer topics for 2017

  • Msn. Josef Chin’s health and Acts messages and to find a new job in Bergen.
  • Msn. Maria Chin to be an excellent Korean teacher and become excellent Norwegian Bible teachers.
  • Each missionary to serve a Bible student sincerely.
  • Preach the gospel at Bergen University. Joshua and Ester to be shepherds for their friends.


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