Greece United Fall Bible Conference


From November 3-5, we held the united Fall Bible Conference at the Cosmos vision center. The title is, "The Community Which Pleases God." God sent us, Kim Sungwhan from Chong-ro 2nd chapter, Costas, and Sarah Zeliaskof from Moscow. Shepherd Kim delivered a special lecture with the main title, "The Community Which Pleases God." Costas and Sarah who was the bible teacher and spiritual mother of Rebekka Akmaral gave us a great joy and happiness because of their testimonies which revealed great faith in the midst of difficulties. From the first message delivered by Lydia Jr. based on Romans 9, God taught us that the core foundation of a Christian Community is based on by His grace and sovereign will. From the second message delivered by Chara Point based on John's gospel, he showed us how God regarded Christian Community preciously. From the third message by Timothy Savannis based on 2 Timothy 2, he gave us a clear direction to seek God's holiness together. All our church husbands gave confession of devotion and love to their wives through feet-washing ceremony. For the first time we had an activity of art pottery and all members very much enjoyed it. Eleny Karezou was ready to attend this conference with her friend, but she could not do. We are praying for her to keep her faith on our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Paul & Lydia Lee  


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