Denmark Mission report for 2015

Key verse: 2 Timothy 2:15 – “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

God personally gave me 2 Timothy 2:15 through the European Director’s Conference which was held in Switzerland December 27th to 29th 2014. Through this word, I made a clear decision to do my best to present myself to God as an excellent bible teacher who correctly handles the word of truth in 2015.

We have studied Mark’s Gospel during the first half year and Genesis during the second half year in 2015. At the same time we have made new Danish bible study notes of these books. And we have had 1:1 bible study with our children. I have studied the bible with Samuel and Msn. Pauline has studied the bible with Pauline Jr. on each Saturday and we have had Sunday worship service together. Our two children served the Sunday worship service with their whole hearts. Pauline Jr. has had charge of title of message each Sunday worship service and played Piano. Samuel has served Sunday worship service as Presider and special music by playing Piano and Cello. May God help them to grow up as excellent bible teacher and coworker in Denmark UBF ministry.

There was held Easter Bible Café on 27th to 29th July. We prayed to find a suitable bible café place. God answered our prayer and proved the best place which was a local scouting camp room where was not so far away from our apartment. Since then we can use this room for our other meetings with free of charge. We have invited Msn. Daniel Park’s family in Dusseldorf UBF to this bible café. 11 people attended in total; 4 missionaries, 4 2nd generation missionaries and Ane, Thomas and Ole who has had relationship with us. I delivered a message based on John 12. And Msn. Grace Park gave a graceful life testimony. Especially our 2nd generation missionaries have had a good relationship with their parents through this bible café. May God bless out 2nd generation missionaries grow up continuously as good coworkers for the campus mission.

Dr. Ezra Park and his daughter Jejin of Tokyo UBF visited Denmark February 21st – 22nd. Dr. Moses Hong of UAE UBF visited Denmark April 23rd – 28th. He worked at Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital in UAE. Dr. Maria Hong of Yungun UBF in Korea visited Denmark July 1st – 5th. We shared life testimony and prayer topics and had Sunday worship service together.

Msn. Pauline began to Master’s degree program in Educational Theory and Curriculim Studies (Mathematics) at DPU(Denmark Pedagogy University). It was a great God’s grace for her to manage all process so far. We pray that God will use her education for Denmark’s ministry preciously. 

We have continuously had a daily bread and prayer meeting from Monday to Friday. First we have read the Danish bible text of daily bread together in each day. And then one of children read the Korean daily bread for Junior. Then we have shared our personal and world mission prayer topics and prayed together. Through this meeting we have made a spiritual environment of house church. 

Last year my father was hospitalized at a nursing home having dementia. When we visited him last year, we prayed for him together and he accepted Jesus as his Savior. My father died on May 16th 2015.

Korean Air Cargo office in Copenhagen where I have worked for the last 8 years was closed in September. And until April 2016 I have to work for the salary and accounting matters for the company. And I have to find new direction of self-supporting ministry. God gave me a new direction to start my own business in Cargo branch. May God grant a successful business for self-supporting ministry and invite new missionaries through this. 

Prayer topics:

  • Raising 1 Abraham of faith and 3 Jesus’ disciples until 2019.
  • Bible study of Exodus and Sunday worship service
  • Double of ministry in 2016
  • Having a new coworker of mission
  • Msn. Pauline Lee: managing the study at DPU
  • Pauline Jr. studying at Copenhagen University
News topics: