CU UBF (Mexico) Report

1 Sam 3:21 “The Lord continued to appear at Shiloh, and there he   revealed himself  to Samuel through his word.”  

We thank God who has been with us this year and in His mercy has blessed us.

I. 2015 New Year’s Leaders Conference. The title of the conference was “God calls Samuel.” We studied God’s word in 1Samuel and many disciples were raised thanks to the efforts of our leaders, especially from the shepherdesses. At this leaders’ conference we also held a baptism ceremony and shared in the Lord’s Supper where we ate the bread and drank the wine, remembering His mercy upon our lives during the past year. 

II. International Easter Bible Conference. This year we held Latin American conferences which were divided into 4 regions. Our conference consisted of all the Mexico UBF chapters and was held from April 2-5, 2015 at Club Campestre in Teotihuacan. The title was “You Give them Something to Eat.” There were a total of 362 attendants, including several international guests such as Dr. Abraham Kim who gave us the direction to pioneer all the major universities of Mexico and Latin America. This conference was full of Jesus’ grace, and many new sheep experienced the forgiveness and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

III. Group Bible Studies at UNAM. In order to directly serve the campus with Group Bible Study, the leading shepherdesses meet 4 days a week to share God’s word. Our members go fishing before each study and as we find sheep, we begin each study. In this way we struggle so that each student may have the opportunity to hear His word and then begin 1:1 Bible study, meeting at the UBF CU center. As a result, many of these sheep begin to participate in our Bible Café. 

IV. Bible Café. The Bible Café is held every Friday. The students from UNAM meet every Friday to drink alcohol and have fun but in our efforts to struggle against this culture, we invite students to receive one word and to have real joy in their heart that comes from the Bible. In addition to sharing God’s word with them, we prepare delicious coffee, bread and fruit which we serve after the message. Currently we are serving students with God’s word from Samuel and Luke’s Gospel. We pray for God’s revelation to each messenger each Friday and that future spiritual leaders may be raised. 

V. 2 New House churches. We prayed that God would establish 5 new house churches in 2015. God blessed us to establish 2 house churches: Sh. Luis Armando and Shs. Rosalba; and Sh. Germán and Shs. Viridiana. Currently we have 25 house churches. We pray that they may be used for the mission of preaching the Gospel on the university campuses so that the kingdom of God may expand in all of Mexico and Latin America, renewing our heart to pioneer the campuses that are ripe for harvest. Although the situation seems more difficult economically, it is the good will of God to plant His word in the heart of Latin American college students. 

VI. Christmas Worship Service. In 2015, God enabled 437 attendants to hear the good news of the birth of our Savior Jesus. The atmosphere was very spiritual and everyone focused on each of the activities of our program. We were filled with joy as we saw new attendants. We are also thankful for the collaboration of each of our coworkers who sacrificed their time and rest to prepare each program with all their heart. May God continue to bless the Christmas Worship Service each year.

VII. Prayer Topics:

  • May God bless us with His Word through the study of Genesis at our Sunday Worship Service.
  • May God enable Mexico UBF – CU Chapter to send shepherds to pioneer Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • May God grant more than 200 Sunday Worship Service attendants and more than 350 weekly 1:1 Bible studies. 

One Word: May UNAM be greatly used as a source of blessing for all of Mexico  and Latin America.