Dr. John Jun's CME in Cambodia

On Jan.9, 2016 we arrived at Phnom Penh airport in Cambodia and were welcomed by M. Joseph Lee. In Cambodia’s dark history of 1970, the despot communist leader Polpot killed 2 million intelligent people among 6 million. The current economic situation is very poor, with an elementary school teacher's salary of $150/month. The weather is hot.

M.Joseph and Grace Lee's family serve the ministry alone. M.Joseph could have enjoyed a secure life in Korea as a computer networking technician. But to serve world mission, he quit his job and went to Singapore to learn English. God heard his prayer and provided a job in Cambodia as a computer professor at Life University in Cambodia, with a salary of only $200/month. Then God led his family to the capital city Phnom Penh to a manager job at an international school with a $300/month salary and a house as well from the school. M.Grace Lee was also hired as a kindergarten teacher with a $200/month salary. Their daughter Dream Lee attends the school with a tuition fee of $400/month. Their 12 year son Jooha (fourth grade) who has slight symptoms of autism is adjusting to the school. 

We had Bible study with the Lee family on Ephesians lectures 1,2 and Galatians1 and children's education. We also had Bible study with a native Kimhang on lecture 1 and gave a Sunday message. On Sunday afternoon we had testimony sharing with the Lee family. M. Joseph presented a 6-page sincere and graceful testimony at the meeting. He praised and thanked God for providing everything they needed since he left Korea obeying Gen 12:1, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you." He concentrates on studying Cambodian until he can master it. After that, he wants to get a more effective job for self-support.

Prayer Topics:

1. Preparing perfect message in Cambodian

2. Master the language

3. Raise 1 Abraham of faith

4. Get an effective, self-suupporting job

News topics: