2016 Asia Director's Conference Report

Thank you so much for your prayer support for Asia DC in Jakarta (1/7-9). The 3 days of ADC had abundant word of God through 5 Group Bible Studies on the book of Hebrews. More than 70 attended from 16 countries.

US Missionary to Indonesia, Jonathan Reese, led all worship songs with other members.

After introducing all delegates from 16 countries, S. Um Ki Sung (Shinchon UBF, Korea) gave an "Introduction of Hebrews." We had 5 group studies in 4 groups covering all of Hebrews except chapters 11 and 13.

P. Abraham Kim delivered, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus!" with power and grace.

M. Peter Lee delivered the closing message, "Jesus is the same forever" (Heb 13). We all were greatly comforted by Jesus who is forever the same!

Three new national directors were ordained by M. Jimmy Lee, Daniel Jeong and Peter Lee:

Andy Ahn (Singapore)

Matthew Lim (Mongolia)

Joshua Kim (Indonesia)

The next ADC will be in India on Jan.5-7, 2017.

We prayed for the June 5-8, 2016 World Mission Report and Missionary conference in Seoul, Korea.

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