Kenya UBF Easter Prayer Topics

Kenya UBF is praying for EBC2016

Kenya UBF is praying for EBC2016 and our prayer request is as follows:​

1. Main speakers

    Lec. 1 : John 8:1-11 (Juma Fuchingo) on 25th March

    Lec. 2 : John 19:1-35 (Otieno Nickson) on 26th March

    Lec. 3 : John 21:1-18 (Kevin Namudeche) on 27th March

2. First Love Story Festival (Rev. 2:4,5)

    Life Testimonies by all missionaries

    (on each morning and evening during the conference

3. 70 attendants (by yesterday, 60 registered)

Please refer to the detail program as attached.

Thank you for your prayers for Africa and Kenya.

May God give you a powerful message for World Mission Report in Korea as well.

In Christ,

Mark Yoon

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