Ethiopia Mission Report by Mary Yoon, LA

Out of 41 years of marriage, this mission trip to Ethiopia became the first mission that shared together with Dr. Samuel Yoon who began his 3 years medical mission in Ethiopia sent by MyungSung Church. I met students, Basileel (Adama univ. civil engineering 3rd), Berekat (Architectual 4th in Addis Ababa Univ.), and Benjamin (Music School). ​They are receiving scholarship from the government. They are so privileged, chosen, and honored students among 100 million Ethiopian population. They were Christians – “clean cut young men.” They have limited English though, but they loved the word of God so much and have deep spiritual understanding with their heart. During 3 months Summer vacation time (7-9), I could study with them 2 or 3 times a week John’s gospel until chapter 13 before returning home. When they go back to campus, they will be leading Bible study groups in their campus. I pray for them to be wonderful powerful bible teachers for young Ethiopian people by the grace of God.





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