CME Report from Kenya, Africa

Dr. John Jun

Kenya has been politically unstable. In August 2017, when the current president was reelcted in the presidential race, the Supreme Court ruled that the election was illegal. However, even after the re-election, the current president was elected anyway. The candidate for the presidential contender of the opposition party and the university students rejected the result of the election and are in protest. So now an anti-government struggle is taking place. In most of the best universities, including the University of Nairobi, students have gone back to their hometowns in the countryside, which caused our UBF ministry to face new difficulties.

There are ten missionaries serving in Kenya. They are Mark Yoon (director), Jackie Yoon, Livingston and Lydia Chung, Joshua and Pauline Kim, Jeremiah and Esther Hwang and Moses and Iris Marji (from Chicago). There are three native shepherds: Juma Fuchingo, Kevin Namudeche and Nikson Otino. Missionary Mark Yoon delivers Sunday message twice a month and the three native shepherds take turns to deliver Sunday message for the purpose of discipleship training. All missionaries here are self-supporting according to their own professions; so they all carry a dual cross.

The CME schedules were as follows: Ephesians Lecture 1 on Tuesday, Lecture 2 on Wednesday, and Galatians 5:16-24 on Thursday. On Friday we visited the campus, and on Saturday we had Ephesians 1:1-19 study with Missionary Moses and Iris Marji. On the last CME day, missionaries had a blessed time of testimony sharing among themselves. God’s grace was overflowing in their midst as they shared repentant testimonies; Missionary Jeremiah Hwang repented and was renewed in his missionary calling.Missionary Dr. John Jun delivered the Sunday message, and after that we had a question and answer session about marriage by faith with three girl students and two boy students. Missionary Mark Yoon came to Kenya 25 years ago and poured out his heart and life to pioneer one chapter. But recently he moved to a distant place where he cannot serve early morning prayer meeting. He repented this and is determined to join early morning prayer with an absolute attitude for more effective discipleship training.

Prayer Topics:

  1. To establish 20 house churches

  2. To pray for 120 SWS participants

  3. To pioneer 3 more chapters

  4. To pray for the 2018 International Summer Bible Conference and for Dr. Abraham Kim


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