2 PETER 3:11b- 12a “You ought to live holy and Godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.”

    I am Overson Musopero from Zimbabwe University Bible Fellowship. I would like to thank God for his mercy and grace upon my spiritual life throughout the year 2016. I have been serving God in the University Bible Fellowship ministry in Zimbabwe for 4 years now. God gave me a clear spiritual direction in 2012 when I joined Zimbabwe UBF. By that time I was in my first year of study at the University Of Zimbabwe School Of Social Work. As a university student I did not focus on my academic studies only but I devoted some time to serve God and grow spiritually. Although I am not perfect before God, I smile when I look back on 2016. I graduated by faith this year on September 29th and I was awarded my first honours degree in Social Work at University of Zimbabwe. I pray that I could continue to serve God and have a personal relationship with Him. 

I would like to review our ministry briefly for 2016.

Firstly, cleaning the common life home. Some of the brothers were living a hypocritical life full of sins. They made the common life home of God a den of robbers. But Jesus Christ once said that the church of God is the house of prayer where God can meet and dwell with His children. These brothers abused the common life home of God by bringing beer and alcohol. Their hearts were led astray and were full of sinful desires. They also brought different girls and had no sense of responsibility to take care of their home. They became a bad influence to our center by living a hypocritical double life. However, I am so grateful because the Lord intervened and helped us to cleanse our common life home. Missionary James Lee also delivered many messages of repentance to them. He conducted many bible studies and testimony sharing sessions with them. Through his messages, teachings, united prayers and a series of bible studies and testimony sharing many brothers confessed their sins and repented. Some of them who resisted went away. I pray that they may have a clear spiritual life direction and have a heart that is ready to accept and respect God again.

Secondly, we have Morning Prayer meetings every morning at 5.30 am. All the tent brothers attended these prayer meetings. We use the daily bread guide to study the bible and to write personal testimonies based on the scriptures of the day. Through these Morning Prayer meetings every tent brother had a chance to cleanse their hearts by confessing their sins. We learned to confess all the time without keeping sin inside the heart. This helped us to share our problems, advice and personal prayer topics and have a united prayer. Prayer meeting helped the common life brothers to come closer to God and have some time with Him every morning. Through the prayer meetings all the brothers including me developed a sense of responsibility in taking care of our centre. Brotherhood was promoted and a spiritual bond was developed through the prayer meetings because it became a spiritual tool to deal with every issue that arose in our tent life. I have a great zeal to continue leading my fellow brothers to devote more time in the Morning Prayer meetings, keep the home for our common  life of God spiritually clean and to be the best place to dwell in. 

Third, we studied the book of Matthew. Missionary James Lee was the main messenger and He led many bible studies from Matthew’s gospel. Through his messages and teachings I learned a lot about the Kingdom of heaven, the characteristics of Jesus, Jesus’ compassion on many people and healed them. He rebuked the Sadducees, Pharisees and Scribes because of the legalistic nature and hypocritical life. He used many inspirational parables to reveal the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. I also learned about the signs of the end of the age and to be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Through, Matthew’s gospel I participated with other brothers and sisters in Bible memorization once every forty days. This helped us to internalize the word of God and have deep understanding. Our centre also supported us with $10 for everyone who participated in bible memorization to deal with financial challenges that are hindering students to have more time in understanding the word of God. God is using our Leader Missionary James Lee through the gospel of Matthew to make true disciples of God. Through his preaching and teachings many brothers and sisters of faith are being raised in Zimbabwe. Every Sunday worship service after the message the selected brothers and sisters are given turns to share practical bible testimonies based on the Sunday passage. Through these testimonies we confessed our sins. It fostered faithfulness, repentance and spiritual growth in our ministry. I pray that more true disciples of Jesus may be raised in our generation.

My Personal Life

    I was sinful with an unfaithful heart as the year 2016 started. I lived a hypocritical life full of selfish ambitions, lustful desires, pride and aggression. I put more focus on my academics than on the word of God. I was so reluctant to teach the bible of God. My major worry was on passing my studies and my great concern was on my post-graduation life. Soon after completing my studies in June 2016 I had high expectation of securing good job and start to enjoy the fruits of my studies. I moved from the UZ campus where I stayed and joined other brothers at the tent. But I did not concentrate much on serving God with other brothers because my focus was on Job hunting. I sent a lot of applications to various organisations with no results. I started to volunteer working with children in the streets at local organisation, but later on I resigned because of the high cost of transportation. From this moment I diverted my attention from job-hunting to serve the Lord. Although professional internship had failed God had a plan for my life. He chosen me to be an intern shepherd. I started to work for the Lord with my fellow intern shepherd Chikura. Through one to one bible studies with Missionary James Lee I grew spiritually. Confession of my sins, sharing testimonies and meditating upon the word of God deeply made me strong. In my spiritual internship I delivered the message from the gospel of Matthew. I lead my fellowship group bible study. I managed to raise two sheep whom I am teaching one to one bible study every week. Now I look forward to the day of God. I ought to live a holy and Godly life as I look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. In 2017 I want to raise more sheep and become a good and faithful bible teacher. I pray earnestly that I may be a true Godly local leader to continue with the ministry of God in Zimbabwe.

Prayer Topics.

  • To raise 5 house churches.
  • To hoist the 2017 regional conference by faith.
  • To raise faithful disciples of Jesus.
  • To establish a Korean Centre to teach Korean Language and bible in Zimbabwe.
  • To be a holy nation, a kingdom of priests and a missionary sending country.

Personal Prayer Topics

  • To be a good and faithful shepherd.
  • To raise more sheep and continue teaching the bible.
  • To continue with my studies and secure a good job in Harare that will help me in self-         supporting the ministry of God.

One word: Keep looking forward to the Day of God.