Prayer Topics

From October 25 to 26 we are going to have a Bible conference at Ganemulla All Nations International Institute in Colombo suburbs. Sh. Samuel Palaka and Sh. Sarath will come from India and serve the 2nd main lecture and share a testimony.  

Prayer Topics for the Bible conference are:

1. For 25 attendants

2. For every attendee to be deeply touched by the great love of God and be a new

    creature found in God’s love.

3. For messengers:

M. David Kang has been suffered from a skin disease for some months; oozing from a sore of leg or arm, he went to a doctor, took antibiotics, and applied an ointment to the sore. However, it became worse. Recently, probably overworking himself, he saw parts of his joints swell up, felt pain and had a high fever. Doctors there do not know what the disease is. Dr. James Kim of Chicago or Dr. Sarah Han of South Korea deems that a slight eczema would be worse owing to secondary bacterial infections.

Please pray for Timothy Kang Jr., the seven-year-old son of M. Timothy & Andreanna Kang of Riga UBF, Latvia, CIS.

Timothy Jr. went to Korea for surgery and treatment of his wrenched hip. He was sent to Korea because he lost the proper time for treatment and the situation became complicated. Please pray for his complete healing and recovery.


1. The Content of CME 

  • Tuesdays 19:30 Ephesians Lecture 1
  • Wednesdays 19:30 Ephesians Lecture 2
  • Thursdays 19:30 Ephesians Lecture 3
  • Fridays 19:30 Galatians Lecture 1 
  • Saturdays 10:30 Biblical Principle of Children’s Education
  • Sundays 11:00 or other time: Sunday messages (Ephesians 1:1-19)

2.  CME Duration by Local Chapter 

During the last week, he has been suffering a lot and he lost four teeth when his doctor removed secrecao (sputum) through the opened hole which was made in his throat since a lot of his sputum came into his lung via his throat. Most of his upper and lower teeth are twisted because he instinctually bites the tube connected to his stomach. When he breathes, noisy breathing came out of his nose because of a lot of sputum coming into his lung via his respiratory.

Pretoria UBF, South Africa

Pretoria UBF

Please pray for two conferences here as follows:

(1) Pretoria Chapter 1

Date: August 29-31, 2014
Conference Theme: The grace of Jesus' forgiveness
Messengers: Aenele (John 8), Billy (Luke 23), Thapelo (Luke 24), Bheky (John 4)

(2) Pretoria Chapter 2

Date: September 12-14, 2014
Conference Title: You will be a blessing
Messengers: Lethukutula (Gen 1), Fani (Gen 6), Abia (Gen 12)

Thank you again!

M. James Lee
Pretoria UBF, South Africa