World Mission Prayer 2016


   Let's pray for

  • Raising 100,000 Bible teachers and missionaries through one-to-one Bible study and discipleship ministry;

  • Evangelization of all 7,000 major campuses of the world in this generation.​​

  • Pray for 2016
  1.  All leaders in our ministry continually fix our eyes on Jesus so that we may grow to bear the image of the Good Shepherd Jesus;
  2. All leaders raise disciples as Jesus raised his disciples by showing them his own example and teaching them God’s word of truth;

  3. God raises thousands of missionaries, both young and old, from USA/Canada and UBF worldwide and sends them out to the ends of the earth.




  • For all missionaries and African leaders to have new spirit and vision
  • To raise African leaders as the future directors and missionaries, succeeding Korean directors in the near future
  • To pioneer 55 African nations with the gospel


  • China and North Korea
  • God bless national leadership succession in Asian countries (Singapore- Andy Ahn, Mongolia- Matthew Lim, Indonesia-Dr. Joshua Kim) 
  • Self supporting for M. Do Yul Lee (Cambodia) and M. Peter Lee (Thailand) and their disciple making ministry; 
  • M. Peter Lee (Depok, Indonesia): To serve well as a new Asia coordinator
  • Sick coworkers—Joseph Song (China); Marie Kim, Anna Lee, Hengky, Rebekah Kim (Indonesia), Thomas Kang (Misima, Japan)


  • For each chapter in CIS may double the 1:1 ministry and SW attendees,  
  • For all 2nd gens in CIS may grow spiritually and actively participate in the work of God,
  • For the Sh. Moses Simyonop in Yakutiya to serve the Sunday worship service independantly and establish a house church, 
  • For the work of the words of God by each messenger in CIS. 


  • To reach out 134 more nations by raising and sending out 100,000 self supporting missionaries by 2041
  • May God bless Shep. David Kim through the word of God and prayer to make the Holy vessel and serve disciple-making in Korean campuses and world mission
  • Disciple-making through 5,000 one-to-ones weekly


  1. To reflect God’s glory as Bible teachers and disciple-makers through 1:1 and small group Bible study, raising one man like Abraham and one woman like Sarah from each campus
  2. To raise the new generation as responsible leaders among their peers
  3. To reach out to new campuses, cities, nations, esp. Eastern Germany, Slovenia, Albania; Shp. Walter Nett’s stewardship as coordinator
  4. To support world campus mission with the vision of sending 100,000 UBF missionaries to all nations by 2041, including China, North Korea, and all Muslim nations
  5. To improve coworking with other Christians and mission organizations, locally and globally

Middle East

  • Raise disciples among students with Christian background
  • Y. to serve M.E as new coordinator
  • Safety of N. in Libya and his ministry in the midst of civil war

North America

  • Student ministry and discipleship
  • Send out missionaries
  • 2018 International SBC
  • To pioneer all the campuses of N. America

Latin America

  1. Honduras (M. David & Elizabeth Kang)—self-support and a Bible House near the campus
  2. Nicaragua (M. Juan & Rebecca Kim)—discipleship M. Elias Park (Brazil) to serve as new Latin America coordinator


  • Raise native leaders’ house churches
  • Reaching out 40 campuses in Australia, 7 campuses in New Zealand
  • Brisbane: New missionaries M. Michael and Carol Ho from Hong Kong for Queensland University of Technology
  • Canberra: David Park Jr is ministering to Inner North, coworking with Eva, Chung and Sarah Kim
  • Sydney: Aguilar Lee, messengers (Andrew Yoo, Paul Lee, Jimmy Kim)
  • Melbourne: messengers (Joseph Sim, Joseph Yang, Jacob Kim), Melbourne University and La Trobe University
  • Macquarie: Raise a disciple team, M. Mark Lee’s powerful messages

Sick Coworkers & Children:

  • Luke Moon (Chicago)
  • David Won (Chicago)
  • Sarah Chung (Chicago)
  • Esther Chang (Slovakia)
  • Joseph S. (N. nation)
  • Marie Kim (Indonesia)