Urgent Prayer Topics

I have an urgent prayer topic to share. Msn. Joshua (Byungju) Jin has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is still in the very early stages of diagnosis and no treatment plan has been made yet. The good new is that a CT scan did not find any evidence that the cancer had spread. Next week he should have another endoscopy with an ultrasound to determine more information about the tumor in the stomach. After that, I assume a treatment plan will be made.

We have several prayer topics for him and for his family.

  1. That Msn. Joshua and Jackie and their children (JuHui, Samuel, Daniel, SungHee) may turn to God in this crisis and find the peace of God that transcends all understanding even before they know what will happen (Php 4:6-7).

  2. That Msn. Joshua may seek and find God's will for him even before the doctors know, according to Php 1:21-24.

  3. That each member of their family and our fellowship may believe and then find how God is working for good in EACH person through this crisis (Rom 8:28)

  4. That God may reveal his power, sovereignty and tender, personal love to Msn. Joshua and his family through this crisis and-- through them-- to their extended family, coworkers, friends and spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you,

Mark Moran

Berkeley UBF