Urgent Prayer Request for Msn. Joshua Jin,

Missionary Joshua Jin from UC Berkeley got surgery for removal of stomach cancer yesterday. Now pulmonary aids and urine line were taken off but doctor told it should be very painful right after the surgery.

During the surgery many lymph nodes were removed as well which caused a lot of blood loss and anemia.

Please pray for him so that God may alleviate his pains and heal him from incisions and anemia.

The primary doctor diagnosed him as in the end of 3rd stage of stomach cancer but final diagnosis will come out next week upon the result of biopsy, missionary Jackie Jin said.

Many parts around lymph nodes became were hardened by metastatic disease that needs chemo treatments starting from 4 weeks later for 6 months. He is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital in a week and recover his strength for three weeks at home and start the treatments thereafter commuting to hospital.

3rd stage of stomach cancer is a very dangerous situation. We need a lot of prayers. Please pray as well for missionary Jackie and four children Joohee, Samuel, Daniel and Sunghee Jin.