Urgent Prayer Request

Our daughter ZaUn (18) spent five days in ICU bed with all kinds of injections, respirators, and many other things. But the heart almost stopped functioning. On Aug 3th, it was up to 60 for a while but went down to 30-40 by this morning. Kidney function was broken, urine was not coming out continuously, and now MDs decided to use blood to wash the kidney. The peritoneal cavity was so life threatening with anesthesia that we did not decide upon surgery.

What surprised the surgeon is that if blood pressure is so low, there is no chance of survival not to mention to open eyes, but she looked more intense than yesterday. So, anyway, I decided to do everything except the surgery that the current medical staff can do slowly, and to accept it according to God's will.

It is a great comfort to read Psalm 108 today. (My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.) Like a poet, my wife and I are committed to sing to God with all our hearts, praising and thanking God at any moment. The grace that we had together for 18 years comes to us as thanksgiving. Please remember in your prayers.

Aug 4th, H city, C nation: Ryu family