South Africa Regional Conference Prayer Topics

1. Attached file is draft program schedule.

  a)    Title of Conference         -  Living Hope

  b)    Key verse                        - 1 Peter 1:3

Opening Message : Thapelo (Portugal / TBA)

Main Lecture 1 : Moses (Zambia / 1Peter 2)

Main Lecture 2 : Desmond (Wits / 1Peter 1)

Main Lecture 3 : Overson (Zimbabwe / Matt. 28)

Evening Lecture 1 : Moses Sanga (Zimbabwe / Luke 7:36-50 )

Evening Lecture 2 : Mondli (UWC / John 19)

Evening Lecture 3 : Abia Kganane  (Pretoria / Gen 17 1-27)

Closing Message: Dr. Abraham Kim

<Prayer Topics >

1. pray for messengers, life-testimony sharers and GBS leaders

2. pray for 200 attendants from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and also from Mozambique and Lesotho

3. pray for Msn. James Lee of Zimbabwe, Africa Director, and sh. Christiaan (UP) for organizing the conference overall

4. pray for a few more life testimony sharers and GBS leaders to be raised

5. pray for UP & Wits joint worship team (they have been practising so hard)

6. pray for warm weather during the conference

  -> As we experienced in 2012, South Africa in August will be very cold, and the conference venue has no heating equipment. We are discussing to buy a few gas heaters for conference halls, but no solution for each room. I really encourage all attendants may bring extra blanket or electric blanket or small portable heater, especially attendants from South Africa please bring a heater from your place for the sake of other people who will be sharing a room with you!  (VERY COLD....PLEASE PREPARE YOUR WARM CLOTHES)