Continuing prayer support for M. Timothy Park's health

In the grace of God, we, at Humber are struggling to fix our eyes on Jesus and live by faith. Without fixing our eyes, we find so many things which drag us down and lose the focus. But thank God who is with us and keep us safe.

This time, I'd like to share prayer topics for M. Timothy Park and his health condition.

After the successful bone marrow transplant (July 2015), his health improved and he even went back to his work from Dec, 2015.

We all thought his long struggle to fight against his illness is almost over this year 2016. However, this early January, when he went regular check and bone marrow test was done and his doctor informed him that his cancer reoccured and needs treatment again. 

His wife Joanna said that doctor stopped 2 medications but gave another and will watch for 2 weeks  if any reaction happens , and if there is no reaction, doctor will start chemo (which was not traditional treatment but new trial one which was effective to him).

But then this Tue (1/26), on his regular meeting with his doctor, doctor noted small infection in his lung and gave him antibiotic but after the antibiotic he's having fever and difficult in breathing, so he was admitted to ER on Wed and then moved to ICU for close/intensive check-up and care.  biopsy was done and waiting for the result so doctor can find right antibiotics.  I visited him in the hospital yesterday; he was on oxygen but still with heavy breathing. 

At this time, I again ask all your prayers for him and healing grace from the Lord.  It is not easy for him, his family and for all of us; it has been now more than 5 years, but God wants us to pray all the more and have faith in Him.  His wife, Joanna may not be exhausted but strong in the Lord to the end as she fights together with him. 

Please remember him in your prayer. 

Thank you very much.

In Jesus, 

 Paulus, Humber 

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