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Last updated: Feb 15, 2018


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

General Prayer Topics

"The name of the LORD will be praised from the beginning of the sunrise to
the end of the year." (Psalm 113: 3)

Our daughter ZaUn (18) spent five days in ICU bed with all kinds of injections, respirators, and many other things. But the heart almost stopped functioning. On Aug 3th, it was up to 60 for a while but went down to 30-40 by this morning. Kidney function was broken, urine was not coming out continuously, and now MDs decided to use blood to wash the kidney. The peritoneal cavity was so life threatening with anesthesia that we did not decide upon surgery.

Missionary Joshua Jin from UC Berkeley got surgery for removal of stomach cancer yesterday. Now pulmonary aids and urine line were taken off but doctor told it should be very painful right after the surgery.

During the surgery many lymph nodes were removed as well which caused a lot of blood loss and anemia.

Please pray for him so that God may alleviate his pains and heal him from incisions and anemia.

1. May the Holy Spirit dwell and change us to have glorious hope   

   Raise one to one Bible teachers

2. For Spirit filled messengers and Bible teachers

3. 140 participants (Ghana and Nigeria)

4. Venue: Redeemed Christian Church of God(Redeemed Camp)

        KM 49, Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Mowe, Ogun State Nigeria

5. Visa

1. Attached file is draft program schedule.

  a)    Title of Conference         -  Living Hope

  b)    Key verse                        - 1 Peter 1:3

Opening Message : Thapelo (Portugal / TBA)

Main Lecture 1 : Moses (Zambia / 1Peter 2)

Main Lecture 2 : Desmond (Wits / 1Peter 1)

Main Lecture 3 : Overson (Zimbabwe / Matt. 28)

Evening Lecture 1 : Moses Sanga (Zimbabwe / Luke 7:36-50 )

Evening Lecture 2 : Mondli (UWC / John 19)

Evening Lecture 3 : Abia Kganane  (Pretoria / Gen 17 1-27)

I have an urgent prayer topic to share. Msn. Joshua (Byungju) Jin has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is still in the very early stages of diagnosis and no treatment plan has been made yet. The good new is that a CT scan did not find any evidence that the cancer had spread. Next week he should have another endoscopy with an ultrasound to determine more information about the tumor in the stomach. After that, I assume a treatment plan will be made.

We have several prayer topics for him and for his family.

Letter #1 May 13, 2017

My thighbone has been incompletely broken after I tripped over. There is a fracture on it so that I have been hospitalized since last monday night. Until new bone is filling up the gap of the opened top part of the thighbone, it will take 2 weeks at least. I am lying down on a bed and I am not supposed to sit by 90 degree. After 2 weeks, I have to move on a wheelchair for 2 months. So now everything has been stopped from my working school and the work of God. 

Thank God for the life of Mrs. Eileen Runion, Yvonne Lee's mother, who went to the Lord 4/16/17

Thank God for the life of Mrs. Youn Han, M. Grace Jeon's mother, who went to the Lord 4/22/17

   Farewell : Tuesday at 8pm at Colonial Funeral Home: 8025 W. Golf Road in Niles

   Burial : Wednesday at 10am