Peter Cowen & Samuel Lee Jr.'s Letter from Uganda

To our friends and family,

Sam and PeterWe are only two weeks into our journey but each day has been a new experience and new adventure. Upon our arrival, we received an enormous welcome from the Makerere UBF chapter in Kampala. We want to thank Dr. Luke Lim, Dr. Rebekah, Dr. Livingstone, Missionary Grace, Missionary David, Faith, Joseph, Theresa, and several of the brothers for helping us feel at home here in Uganda.

We have adjusted to the pace of life in Kampala, which is equal parts slow and bursting at the seams with frantic energy. Kampala is a beautiful city and we are excited to continue exploring it. We have also grown accustomed to Ugandan food which is very fresh, healthy, and 100% free range. The food primarily consists of rice, chicken, peanut sauce, and matoke (a different variant of bananas that are cooked to a similar consistency of mashed potatoes).

We started work at Bethesda Mission Clinic by helping Dr. Luke Lim with organizing the hospital records. We pray to be faithful and diligent in our work. We also participate in a young leaders Bible study on Saturdays. Please pray for us to grow in our knowledge of the Gospel and grow in community with the brothers here.

This week we have been doing some traveling around Uganda. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we visited the Bethesda Mission Centre at Buvuma Island for two days— touring the local villages, playing with the village kids, and riding on motorcycles throughout the island. On Friday, we went white water rafting on the Nile River in Jinja— enjoying the sun, swimming in the water, and capsizing a few times on the rapids.

UgandaThere are many more things to say and stories to share but not quite the time or the words to adequately describe our tremendous time here thus far. I believe that we are experiencing the vastness of His creation and are able to feel His nearness. Our souls glorify the Lord for bringing us to Africa and allowing us to witness how He is present here in Uganda. Praise the Lord!

We love you and miss you. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In his peace,

Samuel Lee Jr. & Peter Cowen

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