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Jonah 1:17-2:10 Friday, August 29
Key Verse: 2:7

First, God delivers us, many times at the last moment (17). Noah had resigned himself to his fate, but God had other plans. He sent a huge fish to save Jonah's life. God intervenes, humbles and saves...more often than not, at the last moment.

Second, Jonah responded well to God's training (2:1-10). Jonah did not act as an ordinary person. He was not bitter. Jonah's mind was elevated above his miserable situation. He turned heavenward, to God, in prayer even from inside the belly of the fish. Jonah remembered the grace of God and had a song in his heart. He thanked God and made vows, which is making a commitment to God. In the process, he had an epiphany of truth, discovering that salvation comes from the Lord. Jonah knew that he was the most blessed. It was because he could experience the grace of God. Whoever turns to the Lord in their need will see the glory of God and be filled with songs of thanksgiving and praise.

Prayer: "Lord, help me to fix my eyes on you, even in the direst of circumstances. May I experience and taste your grace declare your praises."

One Word: The Lord delivers those who are his

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