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2 Chronicles 14:1-15 Tuesday, July 22
Key Verse: 14:11

First, God gave Asa rest (1-7). Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord. He removed even the high places. He commanded Judah to seek the Lord and to obey his laws and commands. Then no one was at war with Judah, for the Lord gave him rest. He built up the fortified cities seeking the Lord who gave them rest on every side.

Second, the Lord gave victory to the powerless (8-15). Though Asa had a large number of soldiers who were all brave fighting men, he felt powerless before the Cushites who marched out with a vast army and three hundreds chariots. But Asa relied on the Lord who helps the powerless against the mighty. Then the Lord struck down the Cushites. So Asa carried off a large amount of plunder.

Prayer: Lord, you are mighty God who gives rest to those who seek you. You give victory to the powerless against the mighty when they rely on you.

One Word: The Mighty Lord is our God!

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