Tomorrow's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

2 Timothy 3:17

June 29, 2017

1. People who oppose the truth (1-9)

Paul here describes what it will be like in the last days. Verses 2-5a contain a long list of people whom Paul tells Timothy should be avoided. These are godless people. They love pleasure, not God. They are unholy, abusive and proud. The servant of God should have nothing to do with such people. How can we know them to avoid them? Paul says their folly will be clear to everyone (9).

2. "Continue in what you have learned" (10-17)

Timothy, and all people of God, are different. They know the teachings of the gospel that lead to a life of purpose, faith, patience, love and endurance. But we should know that it also leads to persecutions and suffering. Paul warns that all who live a godly life will be persecuted. How can we endure? We can endure by continuing to live by the gospel teachings. This will make us wise for salvation. By the gospel, we are thoroughly equipped for the work of God.

Lord, thank you for the gospel, which makes us thoroughly equipped to do all kinds of good works in you. Bless us to always continue in the teachings of the gospel.
One word: 
Continue in what you have learned