Tomorrow's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

Isaiah 31:6

December 13, 2017

1. The Lord, not Egypt, will defeat Assyria (30:27-31:3)

To defend his people, the Name of the LORD will come, full of wrath. His people will rejoice and celebrate, seeing his coming. His voice will shatter Assyria, striking them down, and all the people will see it as a heavy storm of judgment. Woe to those who instead want to get help from Egypt, who trust in horses and armies rather than looking to the Holy One of Israel. He is wise, and keeps his words, while Egypt are mere mortals. Those who put their trust in man will all perish.

1. Return to the one you rejected (31:4-9)

As mighty lion is unafraid of many shepherds, the Lord will come down and battle for Mount Zion. He will shield Jerusalem, pass over it and rescue it. This happened exactly as he said (Isa 36-37). Now is the time to return to the one you have so greatly revolted against. The evidence of return is to reject all the idols of silver and gold. As the LORD dealt with Assyria, he will deal with all our enemies.

Father, you are mighty to save and strong to deliver. I return to you, casting away all my idols.
One word: 
look to the Holy One of Israel