Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
Genesis 40:8b
July 6, 2015

First, two prisoners' dreams (1-8). Sometimes life is gloomy or depressing. Consider prison life. Joseph didn't sulk, complain or go crazy. He had the prison warden's favor and was a faithful steward, even in prison. Moreover, God was with him. Joseph noticed that two prisoners in his care were sad-the king's cupbearer and baker. Perhaps Pharaoh fell ill and suspected food poisoning and put them in prison. Anyway, they were sad because they had vivid dreams but no one to explain them. Joseph, who had insight from God, invited them to tell him their dreams. So they did.

Second, an accurate dream interpreter (9-23). God gave Joseph insight into these dreams, which were prophecies of things to happen within three days: the cupbearer would be restored and the baker would be executed. Think how hard it must've been to tell the baker! But Joseph did not sugar-coat the interpretations; he told them the truth he understood. And his words came true. Joseph also asked the cupbearer to remember him when things went well. But the cupbearer forgot. We often forget when things go well with us, or when speaking up might not look beneficial to us.

Lord, help me to have a shepherd heart for others, and to teach your word without compromise.
One word: 
Care for others and tell God's truth
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