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Mark 13:28

July 23, 2016

First, " words will never pass away." (28-31). After telling his disciples what would happen in the future, Jesus told his disciples to learn to see the signs. Just as it is obvious when summer is near by looking at the fig tree, Jesus' people can see the signs that Jesus warned them about. Jesus taught his disciples to be discerning about spiritual signs. The temple would be destroyed in about 40 years. The temple as in heaven and earth, would pass away. But Jesus' words never pass away.

Second, " one knows the hour..." (32-37). Although there will be signs, no one knows when the end will come, not even Jesus himself. Only God knows when the end will come. So, we must be watchful. We never know whether the end will come soon or late. We must be ready. Jesus says several times here, "be on your guard," and "watch!" Let us be ready when he comes again.

Lord, help me to watch and be ready when you come again. Help me to live as though it were today.
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