Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
Psalm 2:8
August 2, 2015

First, why do the nations conspire? (1-3) We are living in a world in rebellion against God. People who rebel against God mistakenly see his sovereign rule as chains and fetters. But rebellion against God's sovereignty is fruitless and finally leads to destruction. (5,9,12)

Second, the Anointed One (4-12). God's Anointed One is the Messiah, the Son of God. In Acts 4:23-28, Peter and John found strength and courage in the prophecy of Christ in this psalm, for they realized that God is sovereign, and the crucifixion of Christ and the persecution of his servants fulfilled the prophecy of God. This psalm does not stop with suffering; it looks forward to victory, and proclaims God's sovereignty. When the Christ sent his disciples into all the world to proclaim the gospel, he was claiming his inheritance.

Lord, give us the nations as our inheritance and the ends of the earth as our possession for the sake of your name.
One word: 
Why do men rebel against God?
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