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Job 21:1-34 

Key verse: 
Job 21:22
March 29, 2015

First, the wicked prosper (1-15). Job knew that the world is full of evil. Often, the wicked are not punished but live on, spreading a bad influence. Their children seem to be safe and free from fear, dancing and partying. They dare to say to God, "Who is the Almighty that we should serve him?"

Second, the wicked cannot escape God's judgment (16-34). However, Job also knew that their prosperity is not in their own hands. The lamps of the wicked are often snuffed out. Trouble comes to them as God allots in his anger. They are like chaff in the wind. Yet, the Lord God allows the wicked to die in full vigor. Thus, what Job's friends insist on is not always right. Life is more than 'cause and effect' and no one can say anything against God.

Lord, with your wisdom you govern the world appropriately even if some things seem strange in our eyes.
One word: 
Lord, let us know your will to overcome this sinful world.
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