Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
Genesis 31:42
May 6, 2015

First, Jacob overcomes his fear of Laban (31-42). When God called Jacob to return to Canaan, he was afraid of Laban and he secretly ran away from his father-in-law. But now he realized that God was his faithful shepherd and warned Laban to not harm Jacob. He had the courage to confront Laban about his deception and abuse the last 20 years. He testified that God had blessed him in spite of Laban's trickery and God even rebuked Laban. Jacob could overcome his fear of Laban when he saw God was his Shepherd, who kept his promises to bless him and guard him, even if Jacob was not very spiritual.

Second, Jacob and Laban make peace (43-55). Before Jacob returned to Canaan, God helped him to make peace with his father-in-law and resolved their problems. They made a peace treaty and exchanged vows. Jacob took his oath in the name of the fear of his father Isaac. He was learning personal faith in God, who brings us peace and protects us from our enemies.

Lord, thank you for saving me from my enemies and giving me peace. Help me to see your hand of protection.
One word: 
God is with us and protects us
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