Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

Psalm 132:17

December 3, 2016

First, David's vow (1-10). King David swore an oath to the Lord that he would not rest until the ark of the covenant had been brought to its dwelling place in the heart of the land. God's dwelling among his faithful people was a joy and delight. To worship him and to serve him in righteousness was the greatest blessing for the nation.

Second, the Lord's vow (11-18). God swore an oath to David, promising that his descendant would sit on David's throne forever. Jesus is the everlasting King; his kingdom is forever. The horn represents strength and power. Jesus is called the horn of salvation (Lk 1:69). He is the lamp that will never go out. He is God who came to dwell with his people. The Lord's presence in the midst of his people is the source of blessing. God would bless and protect his people as long as they worshiped him faithfully.

Lord, thank you for your great faithfulness to keep your promises. Help me to worship you and be faithful to you to the end.
One word: 
David's vow; God's vow
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