Today's Daily Bread


Haggai 2:1-23 

Key verse: 
Haggai 2:7
October 31, 2014

First, a greater glory (1-9). In comparison to the former nation and temple, the present situation looked like nothing to the small remnant of returning Israelites. But this is how the Lord had worked when he brought them out of mighty Egypt. They had the Lord's promise and Spirit with them. The temple was more than gold or silver; it was the sign that the Lord's Presence was with them. The Lord Almighty is sovereign over history. He is moving in all things to fill his house with glory, to send the desired of nations-the Messiah-to establish eternal peace. Should we be guided by what we see? The Lord gave his word to these returning exiles so that through it they could be guided through their present humble situation to the greater glory of the Lord himself.

Second, I will bless you (10-23). The law revealed that the people were defiled; they could not make themselves consecrated and pure. But the Lord gave them the promise of blessing. What they could not do, he would do. The Lord promised to bless them and accept them.

Lord, it is easy to be driven by this life. Help me instead to be guided by your word, to know your Presence with me, and to seek the greater glory.
One word: 
Seek the greater glory
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