Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
Job 38:2-3
May 30, 2015

First, brace yourself when hearing from God (1-3). Appearing without warning, God spoke to Job. Job was asked to brace himself. To brace means to get ready to listen to God and respond, not in pride, but in humility, repentance and reverence. It means acknowledging that our own view point is wrong and God's is right. Allow God to be God. Get out of the way so that God's glory is never obscured.

Second, come to the Sovereign Ruler for answers (4-30). These verses proclaim God's sovereignty over everything on the earth and in the heavens. God wanted Job and his friends to examine their way of thinking and come to him for answers. These people were trying to figure God out. But the things they pondered were too huge to comprehend. God reminded them of their human limitations. If they wanted understanding they needed to humble themselves and revere God. He would whisper wisdom into their hearts.

Lord, I don't know much, but I know there are answers in you. Shed light in my heart and mind.
One word: 
Brace yourself and receive the answers you seek
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