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Genesis 15:1-21, 

Key verse: 
Genesis 15:6
March 1, 2015

First, "I am your shield and great reward" (1-3). After defeating five kings, Abram was fearful. He was only an immigrant with no children living in a foreign land. So God appeared to him and reminded him of His promise. God is our shield against all enemies even Satan. God is also our great reward both now and for eternity. We have nothing to fear. Then Abram revealed his real underlying problem; he had no son so God's promise seemed distant. Can you relate to Abram?

Second, "look up and count the stars" (4-21). God took him outside his narrow, dark tent and had him look up into the night sky where billions of stars were winking at Abram. God is Almighty God who made those stars. God promised that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. Then Abram believed God's word. God forgave his doubt and his relationship with God was restored. We are children of Abraham if we have the same faith as he did. (Ro4:3). God then confirmed an unconditional covenant with Abram by symbolically passing between the pieces of an animal sacrifice.

Lord, forgive my doubt and unbelief. Help me to believe your promises and be among the righteous.
One word: 
Righteous through faith
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