Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 

John 2:11

January 18, 2018

1. They have no more wine (1-5)

In the wedding banquet in Cana, in Galilee the wine was running out. It could ruin the joyful marriage ceremony. Mary noticed it first. She made it her own problem. She brought it to Jesus. She believed Jesus who could solve such a problem quietly and quickly to bless the wedding. But Jesus resisted saying, "My hour has not yet come." Mary persisted and made an environment saying to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you!" Mary shows stewardship, a shepherd heart, wisdom and faith in Jesus to be a source of blessing in this troubled world.

2. Fill the jar with water (6-12)

There were six stone jars for Jewish ceremonial washing, each containing 20-30 gallons. Jesus suddenly told the servants, "Fill the jars with water!" That sounded like total nonsense! But they obeyed 100%, up to the brim. Jesus' next order surprised them more, "Now draw some and give to the master of the banquet!" But they obeyed as he said! Then the water was changed into the choicest wine the banquet master had ever tasted. Thus Jesus revealed his glory to come to change sinners into the ambassadors of God.

Lord, you can change people as you changed water into wine. Change me to be the best in serving your purpose. Let me be like Mary and the servants in this life, even changing history.
One word: 
Have faith in Jesus and obey his word!
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