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Esther 6:1-14 

Key verse: 
Esther 6:13b
November 25, 2014

First, the king's sleepless night (1-3). That night when the king couldn't sleep, he read his journals. Then he found recorded the story of how Mordecai had discovered and reported the assassination plot. He had forgotten about this. He found that Mordecai had not been properly thanked. Just then, Haman came in to ask about hanging Mordecai. God's hand in these events is evident.

Second, Haman's grief (4-14). When Haman arrived, the king was looking for a way to honor Mordecai. He asked Haman's opinion. Haman's answer reveals his own ambition. He suggested that the man to be honored be dressed in the king's robe, placed on the king's horse, and led through the city by a high-ranking nobleman. The king then told Haman to do this for Mordecai. He obeyed, and had to honor the very one he tried to destroyed. After being uplifted, Mordecai remained himself -- a shepherd -- and returned to his mission at the king's gate. But Haman rushed home full of grief. It was evident to his wife and allies that this was God's hand of judgment against him for opposing the Jews. God curses those who curse his people. We need to live with complete trust in God's rule.

Lord, you oppose the proud and give grace to the humble. Protect your people from the evil one. Help me to trust you are in control.
One word: 
Man schemes, but God works
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