Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
1 Corinthians 11:12
August 30, 2015

First, just as I passed them on to you (2). Paul praised the Corinthian Christians when they followed his example (1) and remembered him. Especially he praised them for holding on to the gospel teaching that he had passed on to them. They had many flaws and sins, but Paul was a good shepherd for them. He entrusted them as they were into the hands of Jesus, believing the power of the gospel to save them and give them life.

Second, the head of every man is Christ (3-16). In the culture of their times it was common for men to have uncovered heads and for women to keep their heads covered. For a man to have long hair was a disgrace, as for a woman to have short hair. So when a man or woman came before God, they should do so in order to honor God and worship him as their Creator and Savior. In all times and in all things Paul teaches us to submit to the one who became the head of every man-Christ. He is the one God provided to be our head and our salvation.

Lord, thank you for providing Christ to be my head. Help me to honor your church and worship you in all things.
One word: 
The head of everyone is Christ
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