Today's Daily Bread


Key verse: 
Job 37:23, 24
May 29, 2015

First, stop your labor and behold God's glory (1-13). Elihu urges Job to listen to God's voice even while he sits in suffering. God sends natural storms to stop people from their labor so that everyone may know his work. He is in control of all creation. Our awesome and mighty God speaks to us. We see his power and give him thanks. We praise Him and listen to Him, even when sitting in anguish.

Second, revere a gracious God (15-24). Job was to consider two things: his own limitations and the mighty works of God. Job would realize how helpless he was to reach God on his own. He should conclude that God does not oppress. In light of this grace, Job should revere the Lord. God does not oppress. He forgives and draws up alongside us in trials. Knowing our human condition prepares our heart to experience God's love and revere Him.

O God, who does not oppress, thank you for revealing your glory and speaking to sinners.
One word: 
God is Almighty yet speaks - revere him
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