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Key verse: 

Psalm 25:5

October 7, 2015

First, in you, Lord my God, I put my trust (1-3). David put his trust in the Lord. Those who trust in the Lord will not be put to shame (3). Shame comes when we are defeated by our enemies (2b, 19) or when we are overcome by our sins (3b, 7a). In this psalm David seems to be distressed by both sin and enemies. Repenting our sins and trusting in the Lord is the only way out.

Second, show me your ways, Lord (4-11). David repeatedly asks the Lord to show him and teach him His ways (4, 5, 9). He is plagued by his sins and asks God not to remember the sins of his youth nor his rebellious ways (7). As God's people, we must walk in God's ways rather than our sinful desires. When we walk in God's ways, we find that all his ways are loving and faithful (10).

Third, who then are those who fear the Lord? (12-22). The LORD will instruct those who fear Him and bless their descendants (12-13). Those who fear the Lord keep their eyes on the LORD and avoid the snare of the devil (15). They call upon God to help them in times of loneliness and trouble (16-20). They also pray for all of God's people (22).

Lord, forgive my sins and guide me in your ways. Let me fix my eyes on you and avoid every snare.
One word: 
Walk in God's ways
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