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Key verse: 

Philippians 1:21

October 23, 2016

First, Paul's confidence (19-26). Paul was full of confidence, based on God's provision of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the saints in Philippi. Not only was he confident in his vindication, but also that whether he lived or died, Christ would be exalted in his body. If he lived, he was confident that his fruitful labor for the Lord would continue. If he died, he knew that he would be in the presence and glory of Christ forever. In life or death, exalting Christ was everything to Paul. As he thought about which he preferred, he realized that for the sake of the believers in Philippi, it was better for him to live. There was still work to be done.

Second, a life worthy of the gospel (27-30). Whether Paul lived or died, the Philippians were to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. This is true of all Christians. We are to work as one body, standing firm in the Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel, and living without fear of opposition. Such unity in faith and suffering demonstrates the truth of our salvation. A life worthy of the gospel is one that exalts Christ in harmony with others. It is a life filled with confidence based on the grace of Christ.

Lord, we worry and strive for the things of the world. Please forgive us. Help us to live and die for Christ, that he may be exalted in everything we do.
One word: 
Be confident in Christ
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