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Genesis 16:1-16 

Key verse: 
Genesis 16:13
March 2, 2015

First, impatience and unbelief (1-4). Sarah loved Abram and knew how much he wanted a son. She came up with a human plan to have a son through Hagar her Egyptian maid. This led to rivalry between the slave and the wife of Abram when Hagar became proud and despised Sarai after getting pregnant. Sarai drove Hagar out of the home. Impatience is the enemy of our faith. Sometimes all we can do is to wait on God in faith.

Second, Hagar meets God personally in the desert (5-16). Hagar was on her way to Egypt when God appeared to her and promised her descendants too numerous to count. Then He gave her direction to go back and submit to Sarai her mistress. Hagar believed God's promise and obeyed his word. Because of her faith in God's promise, she could endure her hard life for the sake of her son. She met God personally and confessed her faith, "I have now seen the One who sees me."

Lord, help me to learn the patience of faith and prayer. Help me to believe your promises and obey your word.
One word: 
Obey the God who sees me!
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