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Esther 4:1-17 

Key verse: 
Esther 4:16
November 23, 2014

First, for such a time as this (1-14). When Mordecai learned of the king's edict, he and all the Jews wept, put on sackcloth, fasted and prayed. Esther sent a trusted servant to Mordecai to inquire what was happening. Mordecai sent her the details of Haman's plot, and told her to plead with the king for her people. Until this time, Esther had concealed her Jewish identity. Now, she hesitated. Anyone who went to the king without being summoned could be put to death. Mordecai told her two things: Firstly, she should not think that she would escape just because she was queen. Secondly, God had put her in that royal position for just this purpose. She could refuse God's mission--then God would use someone else to save his people. Likewise, we must see God's purpose for us in our times.

Second, If I perish, I perish (15-17). Esther made a decision to risk her life to save others. She accepted Mordecai's counsel that God was in control and he had raised her for this purpose. She asked the Jews to fast and to pray for her, and she would do the same. Then, after this spiritual preparation, she went to the king. She said, "If I perish, I perish." She is a foreshadow of Jesus who gave his life for us.

Lord, give me faith and courage to fulfill your purpose for me, losing my life for your glory.
One word: 
Courage to fulfill God's purpose
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